View Poll Results: What weight rod do you use on your small stream most often?

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    4 3.67%
  • 2 wt

    20 18.35%
  • 3 wt

    48 44.04%
  • 4 wt

    31 28.44%
  • 5 wt

    6 5.50%
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Thread: Small stream rods - What weight do you use most?

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    Love my 2wt. I have a 3wt. and a 5wt. and haven't fished the 5wt. in at least two years. I might drag it out if I go for steelhead yet this year. Then again, the steelhead in the Rocky River (Ohio) aren't too big for a properly rigged 3wt.

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    I haven't been able to get out yet. Last season I started using my 8ft 5wt Di-glass rod with a DT5 Sylk line. It has taken a while to get used to that slow of a rod. There are two beautiful small creeks that wind all through the area I cover on my school bus runs, what a tease!

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    If I never fished anything orthe than a single dry fly, I would use a #3, but since I often use a dropper or a weighted fly, I use a #4. My favorite is an ACR, but I also like the new Aleka, which I used a lot this summer.


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    This year it has been a 7' 1wt with Hardy Fly-weight reel. Last year it was mostly a St Croix 2wt.

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    Orvis Silver Label 804 (8' 4wt) here for me, (most of my fishing is on small to medium streams...)
    Mike B
    When in backwoods, an original Orvis One-weight, (which is a bit more like a two, really).

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    For small water a hollowbuilt Bamboo 7'10" 3pc 3wt. Nothing like cane...

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    Hollowbuilt... one of Chris Raine's works of art??


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