• Spring Fling

    I took a trip to my favorite destination a few months early this year. Normally I go up every summer. Playing with the 10 day weather forecast almost got me snowed out from getting there but a little change of plans in route and an extra couple hours driving, I arrived. Beautiful weather was about to hit the region for my entire stay. Short sleeves and waders on a beautiful river was the daily grind. The most unusual part of this trip was I never saw another angler anywhere for the five days I was there. You see the state of Colorado doesn't officially open until memorial day, lol.

    Going through Chama was the only option to get to my destination and I had no problem getting through.

    I did some small stream fishing on a trib to the big river.

    Little jewels were everywhere.

    In a habitat section next to the highway. I get a honk every time I'm hooked up.

    Most of the time I'm on the headwaters.

    Where I usually catch mostly browns I get into bows all day.

    We're keyed in on nymphs right now.

    Beautiful bows up to 16".

    This troot says welcome to my casa. Isn't it grande?

    Mucho bonita.

    I'll be back.

    Holy jeebuses I finally get a brown.

    What a trip. The first time I have been here in the springtime. Great fishing with great weather and nobody here can only be summed up as just plain lucky.
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    1. adam's Avatar
      adam -
      One summer, I will make that choice.

      Nice pictures.
    1. jeepster's Avatar
      jeepster -
      Thanks adam. You should go. It's worth it.
    1. adam's Avatar
      adam -
      I've seen the pictures, heard the stories (for years) and it is on my list. Perhaps I will go with S.Brooks. Thank you for sharing.
    1. AZWanderings's Avatar
      AZWanderings -
      Beautiful trip and photos. Those are some gorgeous fish. Thanks for sharing.

    1. heathcote's Avatar
      heathcote -
      Great pictures, makes me envious for the northern spring; here in NZ it is autumn(Fall) and the season is finished except for a few rivers open for winter fishing on the east coast.
    1. rbaileydav's Avatar
      rbaileydav -
      it is grande .......... i may have to do the spring never done it before beleive it or not