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Thread: Brown and Rainbow trout removal in Appalachian Mtns.

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    Brown and Rainbow trout removal in Appalachian Mtns.

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    Thank you for sharing this interesting article. In Europe we act on the same problem but here are rainies and brookies sad to disturb the headwaters of the native brown trout. Our fishery responsibles think that rainbow - and brook trout are much more agressive so that theses fishes shouldn't be releazed in brown trout waters. But there are only a handful waters in Germany for example rainbow trout are able to spawn. That keeps the population in natural borders. I think that we should keep the fish population in the headwaters as natural as possbile.
    If we fisherman want to catch foreign kinds of fish we should do a cool fishing trip to waters where this fishes are native. By & release is seldom a good idea.
    Regards from across the pond

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    Joe, why didn't you post this?

    Right in your backyard!
    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    People are full of themselves, especially those in power. You plant trout, you poison trout, you plant trout and you are doing what? Planting trout.

    Plant and poison tactics or is it poison and plant?
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    In Feb. I posted it on the website you mentioned. I posted it here because this website has many more global conservationist viewers, like "edeltrouts". I would hate to see non-native trout stocked over the native trout species of Japan, for example.

    Joe D

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    I don't like stocking.


    Mistake upon mistake.

    Japan or Arizona, think global, act locally.

    It's the same with Native people.

    I'm against Dams, Stocking, Career Politicians and individuals that are corrupt with power.

    Live catch and move, replace with native strains or leave it alone.

    No killing.
    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    Hopefully the majority are wanting to do the right thing. Sadly some a anglers seem to be of the opinion that their sport is more important that other issues such as preserving ecology of rivers.

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