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Thread: backyard fishing South Africa

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    backyard fishing South Africa

    I posted a couple of stories around 2008 on my backyard fishing in South Africa. I have dropped off in recent years and want to share stories again. Any idea where the 2008 articles are archived ?

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    Did you have a different user name then? Honestly, that may be before I took the place over - the previous owner let the site languish and then it got hacked. All of the content before I took it was lost... :(

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    Thanks Gus - I remember you from the time. I will have to check if I find anything on a different username and get back to you.

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    I posted under

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    Gus, please try to find Robert's stories.

    It will be worth the effort.

    Maybe even try the wayback machine.

    Trust me on this.
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    I looked at the database we have, and there isn't anything. The wayback only stores front page snapshots that I can find.

    22,000 posts were completely lost when Nick let it get hacked. I had to completely start it from scratch to get it where it is today...
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    Robert, I found your stories at Grassart, you should migrate them here.
    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    I remember his stories and pics. Very good stuff for sure.

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    Found the posts and looked at the admin/backend of grassart - doesn't seem to be a way for me to pull them here as data, but at least they are alive!

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    Backyard fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by adam View Post
    Robert, I found your stories at Grassart, you should migrate them here.
    Hi Adam

    Good to hear you found them. Found the Dragon by chance today doing a google image search for a photo of me...
    Can you direct me to where to find the posts?


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