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Thread: Waterproof/tough digi camera

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    Waterproof/tough digi camera

    Hi all,

    My old Sony has finally packed in so am looking for a compact, waterproof ( I fancy a go at some underwater shots), tough camera to take a record of my fishing trips. I scramble around a bit in the water and occassionally bump a tree...

    Any recommendations?


    Damian F

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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera

    i can't recommend anything in particular but you should be able to find anything along those lines at good prices at places like b&h camera or adorama.

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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera

    Pentax Optio. Any waterproof model.

    I have the original one. It's been around the world with me. Literally. Awesome little camera.

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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera

    What Gus says.

    I have one, the latest you can get for about $170 eBay.

    Worth every penny.
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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera

    I like my Olympus 1050sw, but I have a long way to go with my camera skills.

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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera

    i have an olympus 770SW and when i get another camera it will be another olympus but with more megapixels like the 1050

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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera


    Thanks for the replies - looks like itīs time for some internet shopping...

    Damian F

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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera

    Olympus 725sw for me....waterproof down to 5m, shock proof from a 1.5m drop.
    7MP & small/slim enough to fit a your shirt/ pants pocket.
    Goes everwhere with me.
    Whatever you choose grab a gorrilla grip tripod to go...lightweight & versatile.

    shamelessly borrowed from the internet....
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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera

    Try the new Pentax W90---this is quite a bundle of a camera---12.1 megapixels---waterproof, drop proof, micro and "microscope" (micro/micro) shooting with built in LED lighting for the "microscope"shooting. At ~ $330 from Amazon---it's a winner. Gave my Canon 1200SD to my grandaughter to buy the Pentax---WOW!!! :o "Doc"

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    Re: Waterproof/tough digi camera

    I have the Olympus Mu, 850 SW, and it does what it says on the label ! Water and shock proof!

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