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Thread: Stream eats?

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    Stream eats?

    I used to carry a power bar or two... until I discovered Larabars and Clif bars... now I always have one or two of either in my sling bag... We buy both by the case at Costco so they're readily available in the house (We have four kids from 18 down to 6 in the house...)

    What do you take?

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    Re: Stream eats?

    Peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich, I still love a good PB&J. Sometimes its a can of soup or just some jerky. I often get so busy fishing that I forget to eat and end up wolfing it down on the way home.

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    Re: Stream eats?

    "four kids from 18 down to 6" I'll bet nothing edible lasts very long in your house Gus

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    Re: Stream eats?

    Nope. We go through a gallon of milk a day, and a bag of chips lasts one lunch... :roll:

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    Re: Stream eats?

    Mikeytwoshoes took the picture but I made the meal.

    Onstream for shore lunch, a "gourmet salame" such as Crespone sliced with bit of swiss or bleu or any stinky cheese, a good beer or a pre-mixed tequilla margarita is what I brought last time. As I move forward and get farther back in the woods, I'll start bringing a stove for "Udon" type noodles, pre-made just brew up some water and add or even a stir fry meal will work. I don't fish as often as I like so when I'm on stream, I like to put a little thought into it.

    In the future, I'll detail some of my meals.

    Everclear can power my alcohol stove, I'm going to try to come up with a mixer for that stuff, I like things that serve double duty, a double entendre' onstream, yeah.
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    Re: Stream eats?

    Simple, but elegant and very tasty.

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    Re: Stream eats?

    you carry wine glasses? and a bottle of wine?
    that is classy.

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    Re: Stream eats?

    I'll say that's classy.You definately know how to go 1st class Brk Trt :o

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    Re: Stream eats?

    is that a placemat? or a table cloth folded?

    I can't compete.

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    Re: Stream eats?

    It's a table cloth.

    Fine food and drink, to celebrate our small stream accomplishments.

    - Brk Trt

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