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Thread: How do you carry your gear?

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    How do you carry your gear?

    How I carry my gear has been a constant struggle for me. Like most I started out with a vest. From there I went to various chest packs. Then it was a shoulder bag-lanyard combo. After that, it was a backpack-lanyard combo. Than I just started using the backpack with a couple items pinned to the straps in front. This worked for a while, but I hated taking it off every time i wanted something out of the back.

    Recently I switched to a Orvis "sling pack". I think this may be it for me. I like how it keeps everything on my back, yet I can easily swing it around to access my gear. I keep a black set of hemo/scissors on a zinger and a bottle of floatant pinned to the front. This set up really works well for me.

    How about you?

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    Re: How do you carry your gear?


    Like most old goats(I'll be 62 in Jan.) I don't care that much for change.I started out using a vest.After trying just a few other things in my early 20's,I soon went back to a vest.That's what I'll probably stay with because I can't imagine anybody coming up with something that suits me better than a vest.Unless,of course,I could find somebody to volunteer as a ghillie and carry all my crap for me

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    Re: How do you carry your gear?

    Anyone who has read many of my articles knows that I started with a vest, quickly got rid of it and ran around trying various chest packs,chest fly boxes, neck boxes and the settled on a brook bag. On known streams, I carry a small Wheatley in my pocket with a nipper round my neck on a hunk of fly line.

    You don't need a bunch of stuff on small streams.

    That being said, the last three adventures, I've carried a ultra-light flash pack with some things to stop for a shore lunch. I am gravitating toward an interest in hiking big time. I have a couple of trips planned, overnight trips on stream. The first one is a rugged ten mile stretch of stream, a camp half way. That would be sleeping bag, stove, meals and all and I'm bringin spirts along, everclear will run both me and the stove.

    But all aside, the less the better.

    Nipper, a few flies, hemostats and maybe a spool of flouro and thats that.
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    Re: How do you carry your gear?

    I use a Fish-Pond Chest & Back-Pack!

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    Re: How do you carry your gear?

    I've always wore a vest. I tried once before to condense things down abit but the atempt failed. I just bought a small chest pack from fishpond that are discontinued so I'll will try again. It just don't feel right when you don't have all of my stuff with you. :sunny:

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    Re: How do you carry your gear?

    simms waistpack. I used to use a fishpond one but I like the simms a lot more. smaller more streamlined.

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    Re: How do you carry your gear?

    I have been using this now for about 3 years and love it.

    Carries every thing I need on a small stream.

    - Brk Trt

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    Re: How do you carry your gear?

    Fishing Tenkara style photography by mikeytwoshoes

    HERE is a list of items I will be taking on 1-2 night pack fishing hikes.
    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    Re: How do you carry your gear?

    For almost all my trouting I need my Orvis Vest , so much a part of my way of fishing,everything where it always is ,so can find things with my eyes closed.
    When Summer salmon fishing I have a tiny holds a Wheatly over the neck pack Adam sold me years ago, with a Wheatley some tippet a spare leader/poly tip,snips and forceps,/haemostats I am good to go !
    That does not mean thats everything as the Trunk of the car is stilll a travelling tackle shop.

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    Re: How do you carry your gear?

    I use one of the older Orvis pouches/bags...

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