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Thread: Blades

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    I have to start this topic, as I have a thing for sharp things. Moreso even than sticks or string holders... I can have a knife or three on me 90% of the time, unlike a fly rod.

    I have a few favorites, and have had many more... This is most of the current pocket rotation, but there are of course others in the stable. These are all "true" lefty versions. Chris Reeve, Strider and Emerson...

    Care to share any of your favorites?

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    Re: Blades

    Oh, and today is Sunday, so I have my Sunday knife on, of course...

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    Re: Blades

    Gus, got any ideas for a survival knife?
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    Re: Blades

    One of my favorite subjects, but my choices are typically less "tactical" (whatever that means) than most. I managed to get through operations in more than 70 countries over 22 years with nothing more lethal than a SAK (Soldier model) until my last tour in the Middle East, when I carried a Benchmade 350 (predecessor to the current 530), a Mel Pardue-designed ultra-light, ultra-tough folding dagger--still used my Soldier the most, though. Since retiring, I find the alox version of the Bantam (main blade and "combo" tool) to be all that I need, day to day, and much less noticeable in civy pockets. I also have a real weakness for vintage penknives, especially the little two-blade models by Case and other American companies, long-departed from the scene.

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    Re: Blades

    My new favorite is a Helle Eggen. Some of my others are, anything from RAT cutlery, Kershaw Leek, Byrd Meadowlark, and Victorinox one handed trekker.

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    Re: Blades

    Sweet! That Eggen is a really nice upscale traditional scandi. Love those... A friend in Sweden just sent me a Mora as part of a personal survival kit he made. always wanted one... the ultimate beater knife!

    Rat makes some good users, for sure. A friend is a dealer, and he keeps trying to get me to buy the mil spec RC3...

    Cross Creek, I tossed one of my Case Stockmen in the pocket this morning, just for you. 8-) Of course, my CQC-7 lefty is on the other pocket, but I'm thinking I need to break out the slipjoints more often. I'm a big fan of the traditional stockman and canoe patterns...

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    Re: Blades

    The stockman is a classic pattern and for good reason. I have tried EDCing one a few times, but I can't get over not having one handed opening and locking ability.

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    Re: Blades

    Agree - a traditional pocket knife has some good feeling to it... like using a safety razor instead of one of those plastic things... But yes, one gets used to one handed especially with the Emerson "wave feature" - I can fully my tool faster than a normal person could use an automatic... er... "switchblade."

    Of course, fixed blades are good, too. :) I often have a Strider SLCC tucked in to my wardrobe somewhere or a La Griffe 'round my neck. My wife calls it my "man jewelry."

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    Re: Blades

    Quote Originally Posted by adam
    Gus, got any ideas for a survival knife?
    Gus, wasn't kidding, got any ideas for a compact fixed blade?

    Something I can pound on the back and not worry about hurting it?

    Inexpensive helps.
    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    Re: Blades

    Sorry, missed that. IMHO, RAT Cutlery is your tool. They're tough, and made for survival...

    I know it's ugly, but a part serrated blade is useful as well. Low cost is relative, I would call them low to midrange. Right around a c-note.

    RC-3 ( )is nice and small, RC-4 might be right up your alley depending on weight.

    ...and James has plenty of them, at good prices (

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