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Thread: Your best stick?

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    Your best stick?

    We all have favorites... what's yours?

    My small water favorite is a three piece 8' 4wt I built in a hotel in Escondido on a work trip. Close second is my Para 15 Mike Shay made me. It's soon to be my only bamboo rod, assuming I can sell my other one.

    I have found that for my needs, I prefer the middle 4/5 weights. I've had two and three weights, they just aren't as versatile for me.

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    Re: Your best stick?

    My opinion(and you know what they say about opinions) is that, for general overall fishing,the middle of the road 4,5,6 wts are the best.I've always felt that if I was limited to 1 rod,it would be a 5wt.My favorite smallstream glass rod is a 6'6" 4wt from the mid 70s' built by Russ Peak.My favorite bamboo for the same application is the 1st bamboo rod that I made,a 7 1/2' Dickerson 7613 taper.

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    Re: Your best stick?

    My favorite stick is any bamboo rod that I am making.

    That is the truth.

    Next to that, I have a few secrets.

    I like Dickerson tapers in small stream rods, those feel good.

    F.E. Thomas tapers in 3-weight.

    I really like Tenkara rods for small streams.

    A Thomas & Thomas HS 10-weight four piece is a great stick for the salt.

    There are others, the secrets are just that.
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    Re: Your best stick?

    Aloha, for me I hope Adam's bamboo will be my new favorite for smallstreams. Right now I love the TFO finesse 3 and 4 wt rods. Great for dry flies and light tippett. For the salt I have a bunch that are awesome. For bones the TFO 10th anniversary TiCr X 8wt rod is wonderful, I landed a 10lb bone with it two weeks ago on Oahu. For bluewater the TFO series is great at battling big pelagics. The mini mag is a great 10wt boat rod that I love for mahi and small tuna. I am partial to the TFO because I am a sales rep for them. Every tiem I go out I try and use a new rod, but lapse into throwing with my favorite sticks. It is fun to try out new models and tapers. Laterz, Mems.

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    Re: Your best stick?

    Man that avatar peecture Gus has cracks me up.

    It totally goes with what I think of what he is doing.

    Funny, there is a new law that affects the internet and "endorsements" at web sites.

    You must now declare if you receive an item, free, when you talk about it. Even at a personal web site.

    It is a law.

    Think about it.

    Mems reminded me of it when he said he was a sales rep for TFO. I'm not a sales rep and I've bought a couple of TFO rods for fishing the salt and they rock line, spit like spiderman, out there. Light in the hand, nice looking, and that is also the truth. Good for you Don, was glad to see that you piped in.

    I want to see a peekta of one dem pelagics all bendo down bra, like fecked up down and you leanin back spankin dat ass.

    Howzat eh?
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    Re: Your best stick?

    I have a number of two and three weight rods which I all like. They are perfect for the type of tiny water trout fishing we do around Cape Town. There’s a T&T Vector 8’6” 3wt that I have a soft spot for – when I have a “let’s get it on” type of day that’s the rod I go with. When I feel like relaxing and don’t have to rush, I use a boo. The Garrison taper rods Bertus and I purchased from Art are really sweet. We fish them whenever we share a stream together – it has become a sort of ritual for us.
    I never really know what rod I will be fishing with on any specific day. It just comes to me and that’s what I end up with. I prefer it that way.
    "The fishing was so good I thought I was there yesterday."

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    Re: Your best stick?

    ohhhh, I like that.

    It's not what I do but I like it.

    I'm going to work on being more like that.
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    Re: Your best stick?

    Quote Originally Posted by adam
    Funny, there is a new law that affects the internet and "endorsements" at web sites.

    You must now declare if you receive an item, free, when you talk about it. Even at a personal web site.

    It is a law.

    Think about it.
    Yeah, here is some text from the page at the FTC:

    The revised Guides also add new examples to illustrate the long standing principle that “material connections” (sometimes payments or free products) between advertisers and endorsers – connections that consumers would not expect – must be disclosed. These examples address what constitutes an endorsement when the message is conveyed by bloggers or other “word-of-mouth” marketers. The revised Guides specify that while decisions will be reached on a case-by-case basis, the post of a blogger who receives cash or in-kind payment to review a product is considered an endorsement. Thus, bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service. Likewise, if a company refers in an advertisement to the findings of a research organization that conducted research sponsored by the company, the advertisement must disclose the connection between the advertiser and the research organization. And a paid endorsement – like any other advertisement – is deceptive if it makes false or misleading claims.

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    Re: Your best stick?

    Tough choice, as I've only kept rods I felt were really special--most of them glass, by makers like D. Franke, McFarland, and Norie. Overall, I'd have to say my Bjarne Fries Katana 735/2 (pre-FIBH, staggered), an amazing semi-para taper, and my Superfine Trout 766/2--a vintage 1.8 oz graphite rod with cork and ring seat with the capacity to cast 3-6wt lines with grace. I'm working on my tapers to make my own rods stand out, but I'm pleased when I get six matching strips with no tear outs at this point.

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    Re: Your best stick?

    I differ from most small stream guys in that I like a heavier weight rod. I have gravitated to a 5 weight after trying a few different 3 weights. My current favorite is an Orvis silver label 7' 5 weight. Great rod and very versatile. Handles anything i need it to.

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