Vintage Japanese Large Glass Fishing Float Buoy Ball Roped Net Turquoise Blue For Sale

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Vintage Japanese Large Glass Fishing Float Buoy Ball Roped Net Turquoise Blue:

Very nice large rare around 12 inch float. This will be shipped in large heavy packaged box due to size and glass. Very nice and well made blue large float ball with rope. Recommend extra insurance purchase just in case carrier smashes. We cant be held accountable for poor carrier service. This is what insurance is for from them due to their handling issues. Everyone on has different opinions on shape. So please review and determine what shape you think it is in. ALL items are as pictured and marked as seen in pics. sales DO NOT come with display stands or items holding items for sale. These are meant to display the item for pics and your review. Display stands or backing is not included.This sale does does not come with display case.This is only there for show and to take proper incudes autographed signed item only with COA as shown.NOT CASE.

Sold at ! Comes as you see pictured. So please review. Item/s comes as you see. I took several pics so you could review the quality/shape of item/s and make your own determination on what shape you think it is in. (Please review additional terms below for sales/Vintage items)

We do offer COA\'s as well. (Certificate of Authenticity) So, if you like paper work, we offer this service. Its $25.00 for the first COA and $20.00 for each additional. We have many other items and consigners offering items. So, if there is something you are looking for, please let me know.

ALL artifact listings will have .

What you see pictured is what you will receive. Please review all pics and determine the shape you think it is in.

Please see all pics with details of items. Ask questions, if needed.While we appreciate important true facts/information/questions. However, improper questions/offers/documentation/without supporting evidence, negative & derogatory comments/questions will NOT be answered and will be reported to . Please DO NOT make offers on items unless sale/listing is set up that way. Unwanted offers will NOT be responded too and risk being blocked from offerding on items. ALL items starting prices are what our consigners want for the item. Large quantity discounts offered only.

Good luck offerding.


We have a large inventory from our consigner & items from KJ’s Collectables.From: New & old toys (in & out) of the box, cast iron items, cards (sports & non-sports), comics, artifacts, hunting accessories, fishing items, Railroad items, marbles, movie memorabilia, autographs, knifes, war memorabilia, collectables/antiques and o much more! So, if you are looking for something. Please let me know. We can send ALL items you purchase as a group.

We accept PayPal & M. O’s or Credit Card via phone(4% fees will apply for phone orders)Payments must be made within 3 days of sale end.After Payment is received products will be shipped out ASAP.Thank you.

Shipping Cost:is 38.85 by USPS in US only. I also offer Global shipping. For global quotes, please e-mail for global shipping quotes.This price includes insurance & tracking.We offer FREE PICK UP if you purchase over $400.00 worth of items, if this is offered/arranged. Items are shipped on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. PLEASE give the shipping company at least 24-48 hrs. to process and scan item/s before asking WHY your item isn’t shipped and or e-mail within 24hrs asking why you haven’t received a shipping confirmation. Please be patient. We ship items ASAP but only during noted business hrs. Please note: If shipping company doesn’t work on weekends and holidays. You cannot count that day as a business shipping day. So please note that when calculating days for item arrival. Most items arrive 2-3 business days and some 3-5 business days depending upon your location. Out of the country/U.S. will of course take longer. Some items may offer combined shipping on large orders only (NOT SMALL ORDERS). Again, we DO NOT make money on shipping fees. In most cases we lose money with their fees and shipping materials used. Depending upon if items are coming from same distribution location. We do NOT make money on shipping rates. These are what are charged by the shipping company, plus charges 15% on shipping fees. So, we have to endure these fees as well. Please DO NOT instruct us how to package our items. We wrap each item with care and to the best of our ability. The issue here is the carrier. Pretty much every carrier out there are careless and no matter if you have fragile on the package or heavily wrapped. They still have issues from time to time depending upon their drivers/workers.

Direct purchase/store/web or sale purchasing terms and policies:

Please read ALL terms below:

Shipping, Returns & Damaged items:Please note if there aremarked and noted NO RETURN. That means NO returns. So, review what you are buying/offerding on. WE ARE NOT A RETAIL STORE and these are NOT NEW items.They are ALL vintage and collectables. Please Note: If a package come in damaged or items are damaged (just don’t click return item or refuse shipment! Please follow damage claims correctly as per the carrier’s requirements). WE DO NOT own the shipping companies. This is their requirements and we do apologize for this however it is out of our hands when this does happen. So PLEASE DO NOT give us negative response or report it to us.This is poor service from the carrier/shipping company. Please make sure to file a claim as quick as you can with the carrier to get this handled through them ASAP, if this happens. You will need to take pictures of all damaged item/s, including the shipping box as proof for USPS.You will Please need to turn this in to the carrier’s damage and or lost claim platform with your item proof of purchase. If this requirement is not preformed, then the carrier will not refund you for these damaged items. We do apologize if this does happen. Once we ship the item/s, we have NO control how shipping companies handle items.If there is an issue. DO NOT just click return or put a rejection/negative response in. Mostitem/s do carry shipping insurance incase this happens.If your item does not carry extra insurance, we do recommend purchasing it, just in case this happens. There may be times were the box isn’t even damaged but the item is due to slamming or throwing the box to harshly. We offer returns on some items (these items will be noted as such and must follow guidelines) but due keep in mind we are NOT a retail store!These items are vintage/antiques:We do our best to notate everything we can about item/s.Which means even if they are in the box.Boxes do have dust, wear or damage at times.(so, review pics) We do not cover returned shipping on items, if you choose to return.Any returns that are offered on our items require a 14-day return policy after item is received.Any time after 14 days, items will NOT be accepted.There will be a 20% stocking fee on any returned items.Plus, processing fees. NO SHIPPING CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN. We are NOT the owner of the shipping company/companies we use. If there are issues with them such as: Broken, damaged, extra fees they charge for any unknown reason, poor customer service or any other issue with the shipping company. Please DO NOT give us negative response/reviews for this! We have NO control over their customer service and apologize for this. Please report this to their superiors who are in charge of the shipping company. We do apologize but this sometimes does happen.

sale/offerding on items:Before you offer on an item. (see additional info below: Make sure you review it is the item you are looking for. Do NOT just offer on something and then decide you do not want the item and retract/cancel the offer. This is an sale. It is up to you to review the items. If the sale is over and then you decide NOT to pay you will be reported to the sale platform used after the 3-day sale end window as per our policies. We DO NOT ship to other addresses other than listed on your payment account. This is strictly enforced by all sale platforms and our policies. So, if you have changed your address and or moved. It is up to you to make sure you update this ASAP before you offer. It is NOT our responsibility, so don’t take it out on our company if you have not updated your information. If you are a regular customer of ours and we have your information and billing CC information on file, some acceptations will be made.

Authentication Props, Autographs, Artifacts, COA’s and item/d information:All artifacts and items are legally obtained.We aim to provide the most current information about items.We are all human, not perfect and don’t know everything.We are ALL always learning new information.So, if there is additional information that you can provide us, it would be helpful.However, negative & derogatory comments/questions will not be answered and will not be tolerated.They will be reported to the sale platform used and or our department ASAP.You will be blocked as a buyer if this happens.COAs are offered on some items.KJ’s COA’s some of our artifacts, autographs & other collectables.Please do note that COAs offered by us and other authenticators are our own certified opinion about the item/s being COA’ed.With over 25+ years of experience from our staff. Information from other certified and reputable collectors/authenticators we achieve this information.If we feel that an item is a reproduction/fake, we will note this or not sell this item.Many items that we sell do have their own COA’s from a certified and reputable authentication company.Now please do note:Over the years some companies do go out of business due to wither retirement from the field and or hard times.This DOES NOT make this past authentication a fraud or fake.It just means the company is no longer in business.Times do change and companies unfortunately don’t last forever.Our authentication guarantee:If you do choose to have an item/s purchased from KJ’s Collectables reevaluated by another certified authentication company/s. (Note: Artifact review.Must be a certified authenticator with a license and or degree in the areological field.Autographs:Must be a busines that is certified in the field.OPINONS DON Not apply here!Everyone can have an opinion.This does not mean they are right or wrong.The authenticator must be certified in the field) If the certified authenticator finds that the item is fake/reproduction.KJ’s will accept your return with this documentation written proof from the authenticator.Once item/s have been returned to KJ’s Collectables.Our department will review and validate this information sent to us with item.Once approved, your item purchase fees will be credited/refunded.Item purchase fees will be refunded/credited.Shipping and handling fees do not apply and are not part of the refund.If item/s is returned after 30days and you paid with a credit card or merchant processing payment.These fees are still collected by the processor and we can NOT credit back these fees which are typically 4%.Any validations will be approved up to sixty (60) days after purchase date.After this date.This offer is null in void and is no longer valid.

Other terms and info:These terms are implemented to not only to protect honest buyers butour company as well.This is NOT a retail store!Most items are used, vintage and collectable.All items are sold AS IS WHERE IS to the best of our knowledge.There areNOreturns on most items. Artifacts, props, autographs and some items do offer returns (please review item/s for this offering) AS a buyer it is up to YOU to ask questions, review item/s details & pictures to gather more information.This is an sale not a new item retail store.Due to \'s poor customer service, new unforgiving policies for sellers and bad buyers not reviewing items, terms, understanding how sales or direct collectable sales work.Assuming these are NEW retail items offered with a return/warranty is not the way to look at it because they are NOT.We sell only vintage/collectable items at KJ’s, not NEW. We have to implement these policies in place for the dishonest buyers that take advantage of the system.It is up to you to make sure you review write up and pictured items when buying.Please DO NOT just offer without reviewing write up/s and pictures.KJ\'s Collectables aims to provide you with the most detailed information possible about items we are selling.We by all means do not know everything but we try to provide you with the most information we can by collecting data from the internet, books, archeologists/historical groups & other collectors.We are always more and happy to answer any questions, so ask questions.However, inadequate or just plain ignorant questions WILL NOT be responded to.If we are selling vintage items such as tin toys, trucks, collectables and anything past 10 years or older or used items, etc.We try to point out all the flaws as best as possible.We are NOT going to cover items with a fine-tooth comb.This means if there is a small chip, paint imperfection or any other flaws we didn’t see or can’t see.It is not up to us to be a quality inspection specialist.Come on, these are vintage items and all true collectors know this and what to look for.So please review as needed.This NOTE: goes out to the buyers that try to take advantage of the system and or are NOT true collectors and know how vintage items work/are sold.If an item is electronic, we will disclose if it works, has a possible problem or hasn’t been tested.Please note: There are NO returns on electronics (new or used). We ARE NOT the manufacture of these items.So, we do not have the background and ability in repairing electronics, most vintage and new items, if we don’t specialize in this.When selling sports cards, paper items, comics, non-sports cards, etc.Our goal is to provide you with the grading quality of the items to the best of our knowledgeable opinion and tell you everything we can that may be possibly wrong with the item.* When selling Native American Artifacts items:Our staff is not by any means an archeologist, biologist or is history professor but we have been collecting for 25+ years and studied this field (Not only gaining knowledge through other collections, literature but have studied this field in great detail). We dohave the knowledge in identifying reproductions, approximate time periods and consulting with other collectors and dealers in providing the most adequate information possible.Some of the artifacts were personal finds in Ohio, PA, Kentucky and Indiana.Others were bought/traded through other collectors, sales, flea markets and or consigned by other collectors to be sold by us.This means that when we buy items.We are not only buying them from reparative sellers and graders but other knowledgeable collectors as well.We DO NOT take kindly to reproductions.Reproductions and untrue opinions are ruining the market for collectors like us that enjoy this hobby.That is why KJ\'s Collectablesgives the guarantee as stated above.We have had some buyers give their opinion and note that artifacts need mineralization in all flints found. This proves to be true in some of the much older pieces that have been in the ground longer but I have personally found items that I have not only inspected myself but had certified collectors with 50+ years’ experience inspect that say NOT all artifacts will have mineralization in them.It can also depend upon flint used as well.So please be sure to have these pieces inspected by a certified collector, if you are in question?You may call or e-mail us anytime with any questions.Number and e-mail posted on business card listed.We would be more and happy to cover additional details/questions about items and findings. ALL of our items are a piece of history. By NO means should history be erased. This is the past and we shale look on to it and learn from it. Not try to destroy it or take it as offensive. So, if it offends you and you don’t like history. Then we recommend a different hobby.

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