Vintage Framed 1910 Postcard-Fishing For Sale

Vintage Framed 1910 Postcard-Fishing

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Vintage Framed 1910 Postcard-Fishing:

Vintage Framed 1910 Postcard-Fishing.

I was recently passed over for a cool promotion at the office. The gal who got the job gave me this framed postcard that she had in her former office the day she was moving into her new palatial anyway, if I keep this thing it’ll just remind me that I will probably never have an opportunity to grow with the company I’m at. Plus, it’s a gift from the chick who aced me out of my dream job. What kind of twisted, sick B.S. is that?!🤨😂

I’d like to get $1.37 for this thing. I’ll tack on a $4.00 shipping charge so I don’t actually lose money getting it to you.

Oh, and there’s a copy of the back of the postcard on the back of the frame. The person who wrote on the postcard has pretty sucky penmanship, so good luck deciphering it. Probably had been drinking when they wrote it.

Anyway, this thing is pretty cool, but if I hung it on a wall and looked at it too long, I might get tempted to repeatedly slam my pee-pee in a screen door!

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