Outstanding Claude Williams Horst / H. E. Boucher Power Yacht Boat For Sale

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Outstanding Claude Williams Horst / H. E. Boucher Power Yacht Boat:

I added a picture from the Horst book pg 92 on fixtures. It states that the fixtures(hardware) can be made by the builder or purchased from model supply houses. This explains the Boucher fittings on this boat. The picture in the book also shows the use of Boucher fittings. I conclude that the Horst company recommended the fittings for this boat be purchased from the HE Boucher catalog.
Also attached is the Introduction page in Mr. Horst's book where it's stated that the models in his book are arranged in the order of their difficulty. The boat being saleed here is the last model in the book.Please note: I have revised sales on the Boucher boats to show free shipping.
Through the kindness of another collector, some important information has surfaced concerning the origin of this model boat. This power yacht was actually produced by model maker and naval architect Claude Williams Horst. He also wrote several books...one of which was titled " Model Sail and Power Boats " published approximately 1933 -1939. Now here comes the twist...the hardware on the boat appears to be made by H. E. Boucher of New York City. Could Horst and Boucher had a business deal where Boucher supplied things like props, drive shafts, lights, port hole lens etc....absolutely...All of this hardware on this Horst model are right out of the Boucher 1922 catalog. The boat is approximately 40" long, 10" wide and 10.5" from bottom to top of pilot house. There is no engine and the pilot house is removable. Note that this particular boat was awarded a blue ribbon in 1936. Last picture shows this exact boat and mention at left about prize winning entries. Missing a few of the small round porthole lens and one porthole frame. Original custom stand included. All and all in great condition. It's a beautifulmodel and also quite rare. Company made American models from this time period are extremely rare and stand out as high quality American made antique/vintage toys. No international sales. offer with confidence.

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