Ocean castaway old 9"+ Japanese Blown Glass Fishing Float Ball Pebbled bullseye For Sale

Ocean castaway old 9

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Ocean castaway old 9"+ Japanese Blown Glass Fishing Float Ball Pebbled bullseye :

Here is a large antique fishing float that was once used to hold up fishing nets probably by the Japanese. It eventually broke free and floated rogue in the cold Bering Sea until it ended up for sale in a Washington State junk shop where it was bought decades ago by the people I got it from. Probably salvaged by a beachcomber. It has some light scuffs, frosty areas, and a few very tiny chips on the big glass seam where it was pressed in a mold. Surface is pretty nice still in my opinion compared to others I have seen a lot more battered by the sea. Bottom is flat with a big squashed gooey and crude seal plug. Opposite side has flat dent too There are some bubbles in the light aquamarine blue green glass etc, too. No cracks that I see. Its really amazing considering where its been and how big it is. Its a bit over 9" across close to 10" maybe.Please see pictures and ask questions in advance. Nice big old and original glass fish float for collectors. Has a pebbled surface texture and a bullseye circle in it also. Odd one !!I have linked this items shipping weight and box size into the automated shipping calculator so will link the specific UPS cost to individual buyers zip codes but its invariably high for some reason so PLEASE contact me as winning buyer BEFORE PAYMENT and I will discount the charge you are shown (tell me what it says) by approximately 25-30% and send an invoice to pay that reflects the savings. Good luck buyers.

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