Very large fish trap, Oregon, WA, Columbia River, Hawaii? For Sale

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Very large fish trap, Oregon, WA, Columbia River, Hawaii?:

I am selling this intricate and beautiful fish trap. It's large! 31"x 15 x 22". I bought it years ago at a sale in Portland, Oregon. I normally steer away from ever buying any cultural artifact, but this was far too unusual to pass up. This may have been made by someone from Hawaii. That is the opinion of a very respected Pacific Northwest weaving and basket expert. It is well known that the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area had many early residents from the Hawaiian Islands.• Here's a quote from the website of The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site: "During the late 1840s and early 1850s, slowing returns from trapping and growing numbers of settlers led to a shift in focus from the fur brigades to land-based mercantile opportunities. With this change came a shift in the village activity and population. The numbers of Hawaiian employees increased, such that by the 1850s the village became known as "Kanaka Town," or "Kanaka Village," referring to the Hawaiian word for "person."I do not know what material this fish trap basket is made from, but it is clearly all natural twigs branches and braided cording. ( yes, someone long ago tied a few inches of fishing line on the top loop handle. I have never even allowed this artifact to get near water.)• Dimensions: 31.5 inches long, 15.5 inches high, and about 22 inches wide. ( This hand made object is irregular and varies in dimension. Please see photos)• The following quote is from from the website:, under: Fishing Traditions:"Hawaiians caught fish with simple bamboo poles and perhaps an ‘ōpae (shrimp) or crab as bait. They also hand wove beautiful olonā nets of various sizes, sometimes darkened with kukui nut juice, that could be individual throw nets or massive hukilau nets used by an entire community to fish the bays that dot the islands. Hina‘i, or basket traps, were used in another common method of fishing. Often limu kala, or some other variety of seaweed would be used to entice the fish into the woven basket trap. Hawaiians were also skilled spear fisherman and one method called for using kukui nut torches at night. They even caught fish by hand, a method called hahamau that required great skill and patience.Kānaka Maoli treated the catching of fish as an act dependant on the gods, offering gifts to the fishing deities and observing many kapu around it.”This item is vintage or antique, and is sold in "as-is" condition. • T • Local Pickup:This item can be picked up at our location in Portland. Appointment only. To make an appointment, or to ask any questions regarding this item, email me via . • Shipping: Shipping on this item varies as to where we ship to--please inquire about shipping costs and preferences before purchase so that you can make an informed decision• Buyer SatisfactionI do my best to present accurate, detailed information about every item listed. However, I am not an expert in every category that I may list; therefore Ireserve the right to cancel any transaction, even after purchase, if the item is found to be not as described.My goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, I ask that you please contact me before placing your offer so that I can best ensure your satisfaction. I look forward to receiving your positive response and 5 star ratings so that I may continue to provide services to make my items available on . If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your transaction, please contact us immediately so that we may have an opportunity to resolve the matter to your satisfaction before leaving response.

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