LARGE Charles II Fish Server by Dominick and Haff Sterling Silver  10.25" 102 Gm For Sale

LARGE Charles II Fish Server by Dominick and Haff Sterling Silver  10.25

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LARGE Charles II Fish Server by Dominick and Haff Sterling Silver  10.25" 102 Gm:

Charles II by Dominick and Haff Sterling Silver Fish Server 10.25" 102 Grams. While this is a 1896 pattern, we know this was bought in Baltimore about 1920. (Story Below) Over all, a very nice piece. Some minor scratches expected with wear and an ever so small ding that you have to really look for, on the edge of the blade. This is shown in picture #10 and outlined with yellow. The crease is slight and less than an inch long. Again, this is nothing monumental. There is a Mono on thefront and a different mono on the back. Most likely never used.(again, see story below)
Look at all photos. They are the most important part of the description. I ship USPS, well wrapped and protected... and only to the USA. Shipping on this will be $12 USPS First Class.

The "Story"

The Baltimore family that I got this from tells a funny story of a friendly "Game" between two sisters.The older sister, Katherine was a June bride and married a Canadian man and moved north to Nova Scotia, Canada.Over the summer, her younger sister Delores visited her sister in Nova Scotia, and saw her beautiful silver pattern by the Canadian firm BIRKS, given to her by her now, mother-in-law. The pattern was George II.

That fall, (about 1920) Delores went to the J R Armiger dept. store in Baltimore and looked for the pattern. She recalled it has a shell on the top of the handle… and saw this piece… in the pattern Charles II (sounds like George II??) and thought it was the same pattern, she had her sisters initials engraved on the front and shipped off to Canada as a Christmas present.

Of course, this was the wrong pattern, but the sister said nothing. In time however, Delores found out the pattern was wrong but not for a few years... In 1924, Delores was engaged to marry a man with the last name... Unkle, in Baltimore. Her pattern was KIRK Repoussé. Sister Katherine had Delores’s new married initials engraved on the back of the Charles II fish knife and slipped the box on to the wedding gift table with no card attached.While opening the gifts, Katherine laughed, and immediately knew where the piece came from. The marriage to Mr. Unkle only lasted a few years, as the family knew that Delores had remarried in 1932 (and multiple times after that). Over the years the two sisters sent the fish knife back and forth as Birthday and Christmas gifts to each other.Katherine passed in the later 1970s and the pieced ended up with Delores, who passed in the mid 1980s.Last year, I acquired the families Kirk Repousse silver and this one odd piece, and they told me the story. The grand daughter told me that they were lucky that Katherine did not send the piece back with a new monogramevery timeDelores got married... which thegranddaughterrecalled was five times.

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