Koho Shoda 1930s By The Stream Japanese Woodblock Print Framed For Sale

Koho Shoda 1930s By The Stream Japanese Woodblock Print Framed

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Koho Shoda 1930s By The Stream Japanese Woodblock Print Framed:

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There is always aSale by Th!

Now onto the item forsale.

For sale is a Japanese woodblock print by Koho Shoda.

This woodblock print has the title of the piece of art, By the Stream, and the artist\'s name below the woodblock print.

According to ukiyo-e.org, this print dates to the 1930s.

Please excuse any reflections in the glass. We try to take pictures with no reflection, but often times find that to be near impossible.

The print was professionally framed by the Comerford Gallery in NY, NY and you can tell it was done many decades ago, so the next owner may decide to re-frame it. We\'re selling it framed and ready to hang on the wall.However, we will be happy to remove this item from the frame and ship it safely between two pieces of cardboard inside of a well packed box if you would like to save money on shipping. The woodblock print looks to be attached to the backing, so we will ship it still attached if you wish to ship this print unframed.

We obviously haven\'t removed the print from the frame, but it looks to be in excellent condition. We trust the colors have faded a bit over 90 years, give or take, but as you can see, they still stand out well. As you can also see in the pictures above, the paper covering the back has torn a bit, mainly at the top.

The frame measures 18 3/4\" by 7 7/8\" and the print itself measures 13 5/8\" by 3 5/16\".

This item will weigh 2 to 3 pounds when packed for shipping. We will be shipping this print fully insured and we offer several shipping options, just make your selection upon checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to re-frame this print, we would be happy to remove it from the frame and ship it well packed in a smaller box. It will weigh quite a bit less as well, so shipping will be more cost effective. We only ask that you let us know beforehand, so we can recalculate the shipping cost and adjust the invoice accordingly.

Thanks for lookingand God bless!

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