Adirondack School with Stream & Mountains Antique Oil Painting c.1890 For Sale

Adirondack School with Stream & Mountains Antique Oil Painting c.1890

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Adirondack School with Stream & Mountains Antique Oil Painting c.1890:

this is a gorgeous impressionistic/realistic antique oil on canvas painting that depicts a very rugged Adirondack type of landscape including a stream rushing downhill over multiple rocks & boulders shown in the lower left section of the painting - on the right side of the painting there are steep slopes & mountains towering over two people who are getting ready to fish in the stream -the unknown but very talented artist who signed the painting with the initials "JD 1890" in the lower right corner had a great sense of feel & touch for the natural colors surrounding him as he viewed this scene - the artist was very accurate with the palette of shades of beige & brown that he used to depict the rocks & boulders, to the multiple shades of green & yellow foliage colors that he used - the off-white & light blue colors & preciseness of the stream that he painted almost allows the viewer to hear the water tumbling over the rocks & boulders in the stream -
the colors of the steep slope & the mountains on the right are incredible in bringing the viewer into the rugged beauty of this Adirondack type area -here, the artist used a palette of shades of brown & gray to depict the steep slope immediately above the two people in the picture, & above there, used shades of green, gray, beige, & off-white to depict the steep & craggy mountains in the distance where the craggy mountains almost seem to reach the puffy off-white & gray clouds floating in the sky - in fact, it appears that the sky has filled up with potential storm clouds in the upper left of the painting where only a small patch of blue sky is seen -
the painting measures 12" x 18" sight size, & is in very good antique condition as it has recently had its old dirty & browned varnish from 100 years (+) of smoke exposure & grit professionally removed to expose to the viewer the original colors that the artist intended - the canvas has been revarnished to protect the painted surface for another 100 years- there were also a few small holes professionally repaired -

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