1814 Daniel Adams Antique Twin Hemisphere World Map - Bass's Straits For Sale

1814 Daniel Adams Antique Twin Hemisphere World Map - Bass's Straits

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1814 Daniel Adams Antique Twin Hemisphere World Map - Bass's Straits:

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The World Engraved for Adams Atlas Cartographer : - Anon
  • Date: - 1814
  • Size: - 14in x 7in (355mm x 175mm)
  • Ref#: - 92562
  • Condition: - (A) Very Good original hand coloured copper plate engraved antique World Twin Hemisphere map was published by Daniel Adams (1773 - 1864) in the 1814 edition of Adams Atlas, Boston.

    Although this map is undated we have dated it by the naming of Bass Strait as Bass's Straits. It was named Bass's Straits after Bass passed through the Straits in 1798-99 but was renamed, very early on, as Bass Strait.

    General Definitions:
    Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy and stable
    Paper color : - off white
    Age of map color: - Original
    Colors used: - Blue, yellow, red, green
    General color appearance: - Authentic
    Paper size: - 14in x 7in (355mm x 175mm)
    Plate size: - 14in x 7in (355mm x 175mm)
    Margins: - Min 1/4in (3mm)

    Margins: - Age toning
    Plate area: - Folds as issued, old neutralised tape above & below Eatern Hemipshere
    Verso: - Re-enforced along folds

    Bass Strait
    The strait was possibly detected by Captain Abel Tasman when he charted Tasmanias coast in 1642. On 5 December, Tasman was following the east coast northward to see how far it went. When the land veered to the north-west at Eddystone Point, he tried to keep in with it but his ships were suddenly hit by the Roaring Forties howling through Bass Strait. Tasman was on a mission to find the Southern Continent, not more islands, so he abruptly turned away to the east and continued his continent hunting.
    The next European to approach the strait was Captain James Cook in the Endeavour in April 1770. However, after sailing for two hours westward towards the strait against the wind, he turned back east and noted in his journal that he was doubtful whether they [i.e. Van Diemens Land and New Holland] are one land or no.
    The strait was named after George Bass, after he and Matthew Flinders sailed across it while circumnavigating Van Diemens Land (now named Tasmania) in the Norfolk in 1798–99. At Flinders recommendation, the Governor of New South Wales, John Hunter, in 1800 named the stretch of water between the mainland and Van Diemens Land Basss Straits. Later it became known as Bass Strait.
    The existence of the strait had been suggested in 1797 by the master of Sydney Cove when he reached Sydney after deliberately grounding his foundering ship and being stranded on Preservation Island (at the eastern end of the strait). He reported that the strong south westerly swell and the tides and currents suggested that the island was in a channel linking the Pacific and southern Indian Ocean. Governor Hunter thus wrote to Joseph Banks in August 1797 that it seemed certain a strait existed.
    When news of the 1798 discovery of Bass Strait reached Europe, the French government despatched a reconnaissance expedition commanded by Nicolas Baudin. This prompted Governor King to send two vessels from Sydney to the island to establish a garrison at Hobart. Anon
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    As specialised dealers, we frequently work with first time map buyers who are just starting their collection. Guiding new collectors on their first antique map purchase and helping new collectors to focus their interests is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an rare map dealer. So please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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