20ft x 15ft Baseball/Softball/Soccer Sporting Net, USED Commercial Fishing Gear For Sale

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20ft x 15ft Baseball/Softball/Soccer Sporting Net, USED Commercial Fishing Gear:

Welcome to 's most trusted seller of commercial fishing products. As a 4th generational fisherman, my family has spent generations on the water brining fresh fish to your families dinner tables. In the constant quest to perfect our trade, one of the many avenues we focus on are the nets we use in catching the different species of fish we target. We strive to stay one step ahead and having good gear is key to a successful season.

Soon after I started in the family business, I quickly grew tired of seeing old web being thrown out when it still had plenty of good life left to give. So almost ten years ago I started Northwest Net Company and have helped to keep these olds needs out of landfills and have provided people all across the country with perfectly good web for their projects at home. Our most popular demands come from the world of sports where people use these nets to create batting cages or as back stops to keep all of their toys from ending up in their neighbors yards or down cliffs where balls can be lost. Another large group ofcustomers come from people raising birds that require their be contained and pesky animals higher on the food chain be kept out. If you have a project in mind, I'd love to be able to give my advice before you get the ball rolling. I'm happy to help in any way possible when it comes making your vision become a reality.

Northwest Net Company isyour direct link to premium new and repurposed commercial grade fishing net and supplies. With a wide range of used gear, we have exactly what you are looking for. We are proud to bring you some of the most competitive prices you will find. Our tape measures are buyer friendly and weguarantee customer satisfaction. Our used nets come straight off commercial fishing boats as they repair their gear for the next fishing season. These authentic nets are used, so it is important to remember there might be slight flaws. Discretion is used when items are boxed. Some pieces are discarded, the best items are boxed and made available to our customers. If you are not happy with your product, we want to hear about it. We value our customers, and promise to keep our prices to a minimum. It is important to keep in mind the nets have been used and will show sign of wear and tear. That said, they are still in great condition for everyday use. As I'm sure you have seen, others are charging a lot more for similar items. Because we have so much direct access to the product, it helps us keep our prices down. The uses for fishing net is endless. Some examples of these uses might include:

- Protect your garden from unwanted animals

- Decorate for nautical themed parties

- Repair your old salmon dip net

- Construct your own comfortable homemade hammock

- Create a backstop to keep all soccer and basketballs in your yard

- Quickly improvise a fence

- Secure cargo in the bed of your truck

This listing is a piece of 20' x 15' Used Nylon Fishing Net (3.5" Mesh #18 Twine)

It will be shipped in a medium flat rate box that takes 2-3 business days to arrive at its destination. All of the items we ship come provided with tracking numbers that can be followed in your "my " page. There are a variety of colors. When an order of 2 or more come in, I always make sure all of the nets in one particular order are the same color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these nets have a stinky fish smell? No, these nets do not stink like rotten fish or have any foul smell for that matter. All of the nets fisherman us are throughly cleaned after every season. If nets are not cleanproperly when stored for the offseason, rats and otheranimals will use them as shelters which cause damage to the nets.

What does 3.5" mesh actually mean? Mesh size onfishing net is measured by pulling the net tight andmeasuring the distance from knot to knot. This is probably thequestion I get asked the most. People often assume because a baseball is lessthan3.5" that this web would not be able to stop a hard hitline drive. No, a baseball will not go through this web! When the net is hung orsuspended, the hole size is closer to 1.25" and will not let a baseball thought. This web will stop a baseball but not a golf ball.

Do I offer discounts on large orders? For the first time, Northwest Net is offering 5% off when you buy 2 nets and get 10% off when you buy 3 or more!

Will you combine shipping? I am one of the few sellers on that doesn't price gouge on shipping costs. Iactually lose money on shipping because take a small percentage of the total shipping cost. I charge my costumers the exact cost of the actual shipping total. I am happy to combine shipping if it helps my buyers savemoney. Its hard for me to combine shipping when sending nets outside of the West Coast. Buyers in the Southwest, Midwest, South East, and East Coast will have to pay more simply because its farther to ship. With that said, if you want to buymultiple listings, I'm happy to try and save you some money!

Can I order acustomsize?The simple answer is yes, but timing can be a bit tricky. Really it varies depending on if I am currently away on the boat or if I am home and around the web locker. If I am home, I will gladly make a piece specific to yourproject. Please let me knowyour desired size youwouldlike and the zip code the item will be shipping to. This way I can give you an idea of price plus shipping costs. Also if you would like togive me an idea of what your project is, I could gladly make suggestions and recommendations of ways to help you along the way.

Do I sell batting cages?Yes! The cages I sell come in 3 different lengths. 50ft, 60ft, and 70ft. You pick the length, I provide you with enough web so you can make the cage that length x 10ft high x 12ft wide. The cages come as a giant piece of web, all you have to do isconstruct the frame and either hang this web over the top or suspend it inside your frame. Sometimes I have cages ready to ship, but sometimes I will need to make them up. 50ft cages sell for $300 plus shipping, 60ft cages sell for $350 plus, and the 70ft cages sell $400 plus shipping. Message me yourpreferred length and your zip code and I'll give you and exact price withshipping included.

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