Aloha, went out yesterday for father's day and got into some hot mako action in San Diego with On the Fly Fishing Charters.

My son Luke was wideo man on the go pro, we got some great under water and backflip shots. They are good fun on the fly. Our guide Everett would chum them in and then we could pick the appropriate rod depending on their size. We got 12 makos in all ranging from 50-200lbs.

16wt was for the big boys.

They would run and back flip and then dog you down deep.

I got to get a nice 50lber on a 7wt, it was good fun to match the size with the appropriate gear. On the Fly supplied all our gear.

It is a very simple fishery, you chum in the sharks, slap the fly on the water, then wait for the eat, and strip strike and it is off to the races. Look at this one ready to eat.

When they feel the sting of the hook they get pretty pissed off.

My son Luke got into the action and got the most back flips, 4 on one of his fish.

My brother in law Marvin got into the action, his largest fly caught fish before this was a 15 inch cuttthroat. Any one can do this and have a blast.

They are pretty scary and it is an incredible adrenaline rush.

They are a very beautiful fish and everyone that fly fishes should give this one a try. Best time is now, June and July.

Makos on the fly re fun and they are doing a good job trying to preserve the fish and the fishery. Mems