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    Has everyone completely left since the sale of

    Here it is Danica season and the fishing is great. Here's one from this evening taken off my mate's DSLR with my phone. Nice fish, took a Danica emerger pattern.

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    Not many and not a lot of posts but there are a few. Nice brown.

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    The old resource is still there....just not a lot of people adding to it, it's a great shame.
    Nice evening brownie martin_b.
    Out & about....looking for trout.

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    Nice brown, I post stories, but not much traffic. Mems

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    When the site crashed in 2009 we lost a lot of active members. It has never rerturned to the way it was in the old days. I've seen other web communities languish without a strong, involved ownership.

    My own activity here over the years has been in short fiction, and I am grateful for what members here did to help me develop my voice. My writing has taken other turns, and I have other support systems for that now.

    I've moved a couple of times, retired from my day job, and I'm finding new places to invest my time. I live on a small farm in a green and golden land in trout country, amid miles of seldom fished small streams. I fish every week, at least a day or two, and enjoy doing so without marketing it to the fishers in the nearest metro area.

    I have noticed that most threads get many views within the first few days, but few responses. Someone is reading, bu not participating.

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    still here. just fishing instead of reading. in alaska it's fish now sleep next winter. (8->)

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    Quote Originally Posted by grayling View Post
    still here. just fishing instead of reading. in alaska it's fish now sleep next winter. (8->)
    Hey how's small stream fishing in Alaska, what species are you chasing and do you have any pictures

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