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Thread: Buy my (Second) Book - “FISHING LESSONS – Stories and Essays from Midwestern Streams”

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    Buy my (Second) Book - “FISHING LESSONS – Stories and Essays from Midwestern Streams”

    “FISHING LESSONS – Stories and Essays from Midwestern Streams”

    Each of the stories and essays in “FISHING LESSONS” gives us something that has been learned, or something to be learned, about trout fishing. There’s more to fishing than catching fish. Trout fishing is what we do, and it’s a part of who we are. It also determines who we are becoming, through our experiences with the fish, and with friends and strangers.

    “FISHING LESSONS” available from Whitefish Press.

    Or pm me for my snail mail address and send a $20 bill or a check for a signed copy, which is a little below the publisher’s price after he adds shipping and handling.

    Also my first book "KATZ CREEK AND OTHER STORIES"

    Thanks to members of the Smallstreams community for your encouragement and support.

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    I've just purchased a copy and it is on its way. Looking forward to a winter evening in front of the fire.

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    A bit off topic but where are these midwestern streams based out of? Looks like a great book though I may have to pick it up after the christmas hustle and bustle.

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    Thanks for your interest. I grew up learning to fish for trout on Minnesota's Lake Superior North Shore, have fished since the early 1970's in the northern edge of the Driftless, fish a few days every year in far SE Minnesota, and now live in the St. Croix River Valley, fishing large and small freestone and spring creeks. My stories and essays are pulled from experiences over these parts of the Upper Midwest. Streams can vary considerably from one valley to the next. I find what works best in one stream might not work at all just a few miles away.

    For a sense of my stories, take a look on this site at "Winter Dreaming" here: --- or "Two Miles In" here:

    The "Two Miles In" posted here on Smallstreams is a draft of the first part only of a longer story that appears in FISHING LESSONS.

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    Thanks, Two Miles In was a great read. I'll definitely be placing an order soon.

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