SOFT MEETING ON TUESDAY, September 10th, 2013, 6:00 PM
Southern Oregon Fly Tyers invite you to attend their next meeting, at the Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park community building near Gold Hill. Please refer to the driving directions and map near the bottom.

Fly Boxes

SOFT flyboxes will be available to purchase so bring a little money.


Everyone please bring something from home to put in the raffle. Everything is welcome, fly tying materials, fly fishing equipment, flies, etc.

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Dan Kellogg will be our guest tier for the September Meeting. He will demo a couple interesting Steelhead patterns and will have plenty of material to share for those who like to tie-along.

The SOFT club will be sponsoring a 6 week beginners class to start Monday September 23rd 6 - 9 pm. Classes will be held at the First Baptist Church/Grace Christian school in Medford and we can accommodate up to 25 students. The cost will only be $25. Tell your friends, kids, and grandkids about this great opportunity to learn to tie flies. Info and sign-up sheets will be available at the September SOFT meeting or call Tom Collett at 541-244-8030 to register.

Just a reminder to all of you who committed to donate a half-dozen or so flies to a great cause, that they are due at the Sept SOFT meeting. You know who you are, don't forget.
As Dave Hamilton mentioned at our June meeting, we will be making a donation of our flies to WaterWatch. Please tie some nice ones and bring them to the September meeting. Dave will put them into SOFT fly boxes. We DO need you to bring them to the September meeting. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of great flies! THANKS!!

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You're invited to attend the Umpqua Valley Flyfishers North Umpqua Fall Festival on Saturday, September 14, 2013, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

They'll be fly tying demonstrations with lots of familiar faces, food, fun, raffles, and lots more.

The Festival will be held at the Glide Community Center in Glide, Oregon.

This year, in addition to guest speakers, displays, and the casting pond, there will be a casting course set up for practicing your skills, individually or as a 2 person team.

Check the website for the latest information.

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Here is a neat learning/teaching tool that might be of interest to fly tyers.

The link above has some great fly tying videos.
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Who wouldn't like some free, environmentally friendly, stuff that you can read and enjoy, or just ignore if you want to, without feeling guilty?

Catch Magazine

Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

Hatches Magazine - The hard copy costs money, but the Internet stuff is free

Fly Fishing Shop weekly newsletter - sometimes it's pretty good, has a good data base you can search

Midge Man's blog - great midge information


Who are the Southern Oregon Fly Tyers? We're just a friendly group of fly tyers who like to get together at least once a month to tie flies. We have no formal structure, no officers, except for a few dearly beloved deceased members, and no dues. Anyone can be a member. Just get your email address to Tom Collett below.

The building will open at 5:30 PM for setup and chit chat, but the meeting won't begin until 6:00. All tyers, whether experienced or inexperienced, all are welcome. Heck, you can come even if you aren't a tyer. You’re welcome to watch, ask questions, drink coffee, eat cookies, and just hang out.

We've been running a bucket raffle at the last few meeting with lots of goodies up for grabs. It's always handy to bring a few extra dollars. There's always something for sale, and tips and donations are very welcome.

We have a different demonstration tyer at each meeting, usually followed by a tie-along session. The pattern and materials required will be emailed to you in advance, but only if I have your email address. Bring your tools, lights, extension cords, and materials to learn a new pattern to add to your arsenal. Lots of fun for all, along with coffee and some cookies.

Please invite a friend and forward this email on to anyone else who might be interested. Come early so you don't miss anything, and stay late. We've invited several new tyers to attend our SOFT meetings. If you see any new faces, please introduce yourself and make them welcome.


To get to the SOFT meeting location, take the Gold Hill exit, #40, off of I-5 and go west, toward Jacksonville, 1.3 miles, until you reach the brick entrance way to the Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park on the right. You’ll pass a golf course parking lot on your left shortly after leaving the freeway. After turning right into the mobile home park, proceed to the community building which is located about 100 yards ahead on the left. The address is 8401 Old Stage Rd. Click on the following link for the SOFT location in Google Maps.


Dan Kellogg is the Southern Oregon Fly Tyers group, meeting, and program, coordinator. For additional information, please contact Dan at 541-773-4724 or cell # 541-210-0949 or email

Tom Collett is now the e-mail sender-outer, and Southern Oregon Fly Tyers list maintainer. 541 244-8030 or

Forward this message to someone that you want to see at the meeting. That someone could have an over active spam filter that is blocking this message or maybe they don't know about us yet.