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Thread: smallstreams book?

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    Count me in. I like the idea of including pics but if you/everyone decides to do a separate project for photos that would be cool too. I just wanted to say quickly that while Adam had a stroke of genius when he started the original, you have also been genius both in your dedication and creativity with regards to the site. Long live, and thanks.
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    Gusstrand, count me in.

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    Brooktrout and Trucha, you guys are added.

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    Aloha, I don't get to fish small streams as much as I'd like but I can put in a bonefishing or bluewater adventure for you guys. If it has to be small streams I can put together something from past trips. I hope we can add pictures, I like the photo essay type fromat, but can do more prose if that is what you are after. Sounds like a cool collaberative effort, Mems.

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    bones and blue are good, too, Don!

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    I'd like to give it a try: Sounds like fun!

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    I'd love to do this - if you'll have me.

    here's a few links to some small stream blog posts on my blog so you can have an idea of my writing:

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    Gus, please consider Anthony.

    I like what he is about.
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    Totally. :) wallyran and Anthony, let me know if you can see the book forum...
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    There is so many great small stream willderness adventures that belong in a book. Certainly a nice idea.

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