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  • Two to four rods work for me.

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  • I have between five and eight rods...

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  • More than ten. You're not going to make me count them, are you?

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Thread: How many rods do you own?

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    How many rods do you own?

    It's a fairly simple question...

    I was talking to a young man the other day who was headed up to Colorado, and the topic came up. So I had to do the math in my head. I realized that even though over the past few years I've sold a good number of rods off and not bought any new ones, I still have an almost embarrassing collection.

    How about you?

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    I've owned between 25 - 30 rods but have sold all but 3. Go to rod is an 8 1/2' - 4 piece - 5 weight Ross Essence FW. I'm unable to wade any more so I don't have much need for lots of rods. Trolling and Spinning rods is a different story.

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    Between 30 and 40 fly rods. Five are graphite. The rest are bamboo or wood. I've sold or given away the ones that don't suit me. My middle child borrowed my last glass rod for a trip out west, and he hid it in his house when he got home and won't return it.

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    A couple of bamboo rods I made, a Marutake (whole cane fly rod) a couple of graphite rods I built, a few Tenkara rods, a couple of conventional salt water rods and a new spinning rod (light line) that I recently got to go fishing for bass with my brother.

    The number isn't a hard number.

    I allow myself 5 Tenkara rods, I have to get rid of one if I get another. I will probably up that as I grow in knowledge.

    My favorite rod is a Japanese Tenkara rod that has a tip so small, it looks like a mechanical pencil lead size. It is plenty strong enough for HUGE brown trout.
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    My name is John Larson (aka Alpinefly). I am a Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, and Fly Rod .....OHOLIC (severe addiction).
    As to the amount of Fly Rods, I can say,,,,,never enough !!!! The fact that I am a Rodoholic means that the amount of rods I own are inconsequential.
    The fact that I also want to build Graphite and Bamboo Rods are part of being a Rodoholic. As to 12 Step Programs to try to heal me of this can forget about it. I am quite happy with my diseases that correlate to Fly Fishing. LET IT GO ADAM !!!!!!!!!!

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    I have 9 rods. 4 bamboo, 4 graphite, and 1 glass. I keep the butt section of one that was busted in half by a bead head bugger chucked with a full sink line. It was like a bus hitting a telephone pole at full speed. It was one of my first fly rods I ever broke over twenty years ago.

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