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Thread: Bear Spray

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    That’s a cool picture of an adult black bear on a deer stand. It’s a grown bear, but not a real big one. The bears grow faster than their ears, and a big bear will appear to have small ears.

    That’s not a scary situation. The bear feels safe where he is, and will stay there unless a person on the ground does something to threaten him. 200+ pound black bears are treed regularly here by a single 30-40 pound dog, and the bear will stay in the tree until the dog leaves.

    A bear will wander into a small town in Minnesota or Wisconsin, something will scare the bear into climbing a tree, a picture is taken for the local newspaper, and when people leave the bear alone he will come down and retreat into the woods.

    People in some of the larger towns and suburbs will gather around a treed bear and will not disperse at the instructions of the police or game wardens. Eventually the bear is shot to protect the citizens who wouldn’t give the bear a chance to get back to the woods. That’s unnecessary and sad.

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    You guys have persuaded me to get bear spray. Iím not sure what size to get. There seems to be a lot of different sizes on the market. Iím going to put it in my travel trailer. I think a difficult bear encounter will more likely happen around camp at night and I donít really want to shoot up the camp in the dark. For the stream I am going to continue to carry my tekna dive knife on my chest pack. I carried my mid size .45 a couple times and itís not for me. I donít want to carry the extra gram either. The .45 still has its place when Iím back at the truck.

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    Counter Assault and don't forget the storage canister for storing in your trailer. You don't want that stuff going off in the heat of the trailer and getting everywhere, the storage container will prevent contamination.
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    Ernest, Quick Draw - This may be of interest to you.


    Group of friends decided to go to Montana to fly fish some of its famous trout streams. Being meticulous, they wanted to cover all contingencies related to the trip. Thus, the grizzly bear subject came up for discussion.

    They all agreed that grizzlies could be a problem. One friend informed the others that he was going to prepare for the possibility of meeting Mr. Grizzly by practicing running every morning until they left for the Montana trip. They all laughed and taunted him while informing him that in no way could he outrun a grizzly. “I know that”, he retorted. But, I don’t have to outrun him; I just have to outrun you guys!

    BTW, have read that a 150 lb bear is 3 or 4 times stronger than a strong 150 lb man.

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    I have heard before that when fishing in grizzly bear country you don't have to be able to outrun a bear, you just have to be able to outrun your fishing partner.

    Adam started this thread writing about black bears. We live with black bears all around us, and when we see one in the woods, or on the lawn, or on the porch, we stand up to them and speak loudly, and they retreat pretty quickly. It would not be wise to run from a black bear, because then she might confuse you with a prey animal.

    I am several weight classes above that, but I have no doubt I would be pinned pretty quickly in a wrestling match with a 150 pound bear. People are pretty soft compared to wild animals. I don’t think I could handle a grown raccoon, even. Maybe a squirrel.

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    To beat the squirrel, you must think like a squirrel.

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    Great and relevant discussion. I have hiked, camped, fished, and backpacked all over Montana, Canada, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico for about 27 years now. I even spent 2 1/2 weeks in AK last summer. I ALWAYS hike or fish with bear spray, period. (Use UDAP or Counter Assault in the Magnum sizes and order the holsters so you can have it on your belt ready to use in an instant.) Like the scouts say, "Be Prepared."

    Although most black bears will run at the first sight or scent of man it is not as uncommon as one might think that they will try to stalk, kill, and eat homo sapiens sapiens. Wolves too. They are wild animals and given the right (or wrong) set of circumstances they will kill humans. I am not saying that humans are at the top of their menu though. But don't let the soft headed greenies fool you. Just last year some poor schmuck in AK was killed and partially consumed by wolves, n/k.

    But GRIZ is a completely different deal. GRIZ evolved out on the rolling plains during the Pleistocene where the best defense was a ruthless, savage, and immediate offense. And this is in their DNA. Given enough space GRIZ will leave you alone, but get too close or startle a sow and cubs or a bear on a kill and you're in deep trouble in a hurry.
    If you have practiced drawing your bear spray and releasing the lock, you will be more ready to respond if that charge ever comes. It's just like owning a pistol, you have to practice with it in order to be prepared to use it effectively. I don't remember the odds but you are much more likely to hit the bear with pepper spray than you are to deal an immediate death blow via any kind of pistol round. Besides, bears run so fast that you are lucky to even get off one well-aimed round.
    If anyone remembers the Timothy Treadwell deal in AK you will remember that when the rangers had to shoot one of the bears that was eating on poor, dead Tim they shot it 14 times with a .40 semi-auto and unloaded 6, 12 ga slugs into it before it finally went down for good.
    Bear spray works best.
    Use the trusty Model 1911 against the two-legged predators.
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    Here in Alaska, everyone has a theory on Bear, and Bear protection (even those that never venture farther than the city park). I always carry a weapon (375 H&H), but I think one tried and (Hopefully) true plan is to travel with others. There is no record of any Bear attacks when people are together in the bush. But there is No guarantee.
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