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    fishing frontiers

    Aloha, just watched the fishing frontiers fly show on tv and saw Matt Schliske on there with his bamboo flyrods. They were fishing the miracle mile in wyoming in high water. I was there last summer and it was way too high to fish. Nice to see matt get some exposure on TV. He makes some nice rods. Mems.

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    Nice, thanks for letting us know.
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    Hey Adam, Matt sent me an e-mail and he is now in florida. His wife got a job with Costa sunglasses. I told him to make an 8wt for the bonefish there and in the bahamas. Funny he never went on grassart. How is the water in AZ? I will be in Montana in July for some terrestrial action. I heard the levels are a lot better than last year. Time for some pretty scenery and some trout. All the best, Don.

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    He was not invited at Grassart.

    But I am glad that he is doing well.

    It's funny, his bamboo-fisher web site was at one time part of an idea that I had to develope a -fisher group. Gus had stream-fisher, I had beach-fisher and so on. The concept did not gel so we all retained our ownership of the domain names. Tenkara-fisher is a nod to that but is a stand alone made well after the demise of the -fisher concept.

    Anyway, thanks for the update.

    I am fishing the Conejos Valley in two weeks. I am still deeply smitten with tenkara. Fly fishing is just way too difficult for me. The minimalist approach, the simplicity is very attractive. For the type of small stream fishing I enjoy, it is completely effective. A western reeled fly rod does not even show up compared to the 0000-weight line and marrionette like control you have over the fly with a tenkara rod.

    For rivers and the big blue, it's a reel for me. For the thin blue line? Japanese style fly rods are it.

    That's what I'm up to.
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