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    Arizona Fly Fisher

    I have been fly fishing and tying a lot of years. Fished many small streams in the State, the few rivers we have. As the legs just don't seem to take the wading and hiking now days fish ponds and lakes. I have a few friends who still take me along to fish some of the easier access streams. Which I love casting my 2 wt or 3wt (if windy) for wild brown trout.
    I am Bighand since my hands are XL large and people can not believe what tiny flies come off my vise.
    Gary Hitterman

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    Welcome aboard Bighand! I'm in the same boat,25yrs of truckin did a number on my legs/circulation. I rely on a wading staff much more now. Good on ya for hanging in there

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    Welcome Gary.

    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    Welcome to smallstreams!

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    Thanks flyfishers. Look forward to learning and sharing.

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    Welcome back Gary !!! This is a nice place to park the acheing body (I should know), and these guys and gals keep me motivated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm new here, but welcome. I understand your leg problem. I have Parkinson's and sometimes seem to do more falling and trying to balance myself then jump from one pool to the next.

    Please let me relate one story. It was early in the season and my daughter and I had gone up into the high country. It was a partly cloudy and a blustery day. The stream look good but the brush and rocks didn't. We came to one spot with a rock in front of me. But, I wanted to get to the open area on the other side. My daughter said she wasn't going for that and sat down and watch me.

    I went over to the rock started to climb over it. I got both legs on one side and lost my balance. I very slowly slid backward off the rock and came to a very soft landing. However, my hands and feet were straight up in the air. I looked like an old Sow bug on its back, not being able to move. I immediately started laughing and when I rited myself I looked at my daughter and she was laughing hysterically.

    That day will stand out in my memory until I don't have the memory to remember anymore. LOL.

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