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Thread: who else ties their own leader?

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    Question who else ties their own leader?

    I was just curious to see if anyone else here ties their own leaders and if so whats recipe are you using on your rod? all of my leader sections are connected using blood knots. I find it throws great, light landing, and the option of just replacing/adding a section if need be is much easier then a store bought tappered leader.

    I am using a 3wt rod and my leader recipe is:

    5x Trout Leader

    28''- 25lbs
    14''- 20lbs
    12''- 15lbs
    10''- 10lbs
    6'' - 8lbs
    6'' - 6lbs
    6'' - 4lbs
    26'' - 3lbs

    thanks, Caznip
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    You leader formula looks like a good one. Performance will be affected by the material that you use. For bigger flies and heavier lines, I like a leader with a stiff or "hard" material for the butt and mid sections of the leader, and a softer material for the tippet.

    I don't tie my leaders with the step down sections as short as 6". Probably more like 10-14" long. 6" might be better than what I'm using.

    Om my 3wts I am currently using a twisted thread leader from Kathy Scott of Maine. It's a great leader for my smaller rods.

    I have woven a few leaders out of horse tails, and those work too.

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    I construct my own leaders if needed for a line rod combination.

    Typically I use a knotless Rio leader, maybe splice it on to a line with a braid and then mic it to where I add in a two step down fluorocarbon tippet. I use a formula of using a leader just about as long as the rod. For really short rods, I may add a foot but that is the exception.

    With tenkara, we sometimes make our own lines which are like a long leader.

    I hope my distraction does not waver from the original post, thought someone might like the tangent.
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    i find having the long length of 3lb leader at the end of my recipes makes for a really nice presentation, lands soft and is thin enough not to bother spooked trout.

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    I tie all mine out of trusty Maxima Ultragreen and clear.


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    Aloha, I tie my own leaders all the time. Mostly I fish salt, so I have a butt of 20lb then 15lb then tippett of 12lb for small bones and jacks. I use 15lb tippett on Oahu for big bones, but most guys there just use straight 20lb. We all use flurocarbon. Off shore I use a butt of 30lb, to 20lb and a bite guard of 40lb. I like to have some 20lb if I need to break the fish off. For trout I like tapered leaders and then just add tippett as I need. I think guys that buy all the ready made leaders are getting ripped off. An entire spool of fluro carbon costs as much as a single Orvis fluro carbon leader. That is just silly, a good way for shops to make money. I hear guys complain about the cost of tippett, but come on you can find cheaper alternatives. It is pretty easy to make your own leaders. Mems.

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    anyone else tie them together with any interesting knots? i myself use blood knots, any others?

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    have you ever had any failure in the knot itself with tying triple surgeon? i dont think i have ever tied one of those. I will have to give it a try next leader i tie!

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    Not with the knot. Very easy to tie, three lops moisten and tighten down and clip the ends off. Good to go. Can tie it in the dark with my eyes closed. Have caught bones over 10lbs, 40lb GT's, 50lb ahi etc, good knot, Mems.

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