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Thread: Well, how far do you travel to the stream?

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    Wow...I guess we are lucky here in the valley. I have a stream about 2 miles from the house and a tailwater about an hour a number of other options in between. There are far too many thin blue lines I have to explore. That is a mission of mine this year.

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    I travel 5-20 min to get to my favorite small streams. It is nice.

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    10 to 30 minutes.

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    My nearest trout stream is about 40 miles away. I frequently travel 100-250 miles to fish and several times each year, I travel 500+ miles to fish. Nice to be retired! I have considered moving!!

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    About 100 miles to the first area which is ok, not my favorite and 220 miles to alpine streams which are heaven to me.
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