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Thread: Small stream rods - What weight do you use most?

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    Post Small stream rods - What weight do you use most?

    So, it's a simple question: What weight rod is your most often used on your favorite small stream?

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    I use a tenkara rod most, followed by a zero weight.
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    I pretty much always use a 5 wt due to constant winds and versatility.

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    Gus, back East, a small stream can be a small river to some in the West. Small stream is relative to the person who you are targeting. A small stream to me is about 6' across. A stream is less than 20' across and a small river is something wider than that.
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    Totally get that... Of course, when I think river, I think 2000CFS on a slow day... :) it's all relative, I suppose. Either way, I think up to 5wt covers it, don't you? Maybe up to 6?

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    It is a simple question, and a good question, but I start at the other end of things to answer it.

    When I get a look at the stream, usually from a road crossing, I'll decide which type of fly I will use. It depends on the time of the year, the time of the day, and the look of the water. Sometimes it's a big streamer, sometimes a soft hackle, sometimes a small dry fly. Then I'll choose a reel with a line and leader that will deliver the preferred fly accurately at the distances I expect to cast. I do like a light line, but they aren't very efficient with a size 6 weighted streamer, and I don't like to spend the time it takes to pick the streamer out of the back of my hat.

    When I have the flies, leader, line, and reel figured out, I'll pick a rod to match. Slower and shorter for calm days and short accurate casts, faster and longer for windy conditions and longer casts.

    For my favorite small stream I voted for a 3 wt rod, and I have two bamboo rods under 7 feet that do just fine. A 3 wt is what I use the most. But if I guess wrong on the fishing at the beginning of the day, I'm not adverse to going back to the truck for a 4 or 5 wt outfit.

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    I tested different rods the last years.
    For my way of fishing and my favourite small stream a class 4 cane rod between 5' and 6' does the best job.
    Maybe a class 3 cane rod would be also great. This has to be tested as soon as I find a matching rod.

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    It's a tie between a 4wt and a 5wt for me.

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    Mostly 4wt - 75% and 3wt the other 25%.

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    i usually use my specially commissioned Garrison taper 7 foot for 4# bamboo of course, matched to a 5# line sometimes, sometimes a 4#.

    For bigger days it's a Hardy Palakona Perfection 8.5 5# or even today i used Hardy Palakona Perfection 9 foot 5# both use a Cortland Sylh wf 6#.

    my utility rod is a Loop Multi 9' 4# with a Mastery xps wf4# & Hardy Marquis.

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