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Thread: Fly Boxes

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    Fly Boxes

    We all have them and some of us have probably to many.
    I would like to see what you guys carry your flies in.
    It dosen't matter what they are, flim canisters, Wheatleys, Altoid tins, etc.

    I'll start with the box I recieved for Christmas,
    A C&F Threader box.

    Brk Trt

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    Re: Fly Boxes

    I'm digging around to find the piece I put together about what is inside my fly boxes. That shows the boxes I own and operate.*/

    It's in there somewhere, still looking.
    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    Re: Fly Boxes

    Nice to look back to all those years ago , the internet then was a scary place for this born in the 50s man .
    the welcome and sharing that I met on the original Smallstreams has given me confidence to surf all over the web and make so many real friends ,some I guess I will never meet in the flesh but a large number I have met on the bankside or in a bar .
    With a little luck will get some of the wheatly collection out of their bags and picture a stack or two .

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    Re: Fly Boxes

    The small stream box. On an Arizona stream, this is all I need.

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    Re: Fly Boxes

    Doctor, I did not mean to side track you on all that old stuff.

    Inside of my C&F. I enjoy C&F boxes for my salt water flys and I have a single one that is very light (I use the locking waterproof) for tenkara.

    The Wayback dint produce the article on "Fly Box" that had images of all my fly boxes but I did find another file that had the images.

    You can click on them to get a larger version.

    The below box is what I use for my tenkara box now...

    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    Re: Fly Boxes

    I enjoyed the side track.
    Intresting to note that a large percentage of your Wheatleys back then were Clip boxes .
    Back then most of mine were foam lined ,the clip ones were and are all preowned ones and mainly now used for specialist wet flys and salmon singles.

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    Re: Fly Boxes

    Great stuff guys.



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    Re: Fly Boxes

    Silly rabbit, clips are for nymphs.


    Not a big fan of foam, I want to pass these boxes to my kids.

    At one point I was looking for a petite wood box but discovered that my point of research used the same boxes as I did so that trail dried up.

    Wheatleys are it for me.
    Japan: Tsuttenkai, Jolly Fishers, member since 2010

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    Re: Fly Boxes

    well there is a stack from my river trout bag and the black one is a salmon tube fly box from my "spring salmon bag",both of which are easy to find
    Top left is a vintage 6 compartment box which contains some wee crabbit Roy christie shrimps and reverse paras and some other grayling bugs
    below that is my favorite wheatley of all ,compartments for river drys ans a nice size ,
    below is a bigger compartments box more a still water box but with lots of crossover flys
    then a swing leaf with a variety of nymphs ,most of which I dont use often
    the black box is a wheatley tube box ,mainly big heavy salmon tubes .
    the left hand stack starts at the top with a classic cast damper from the days of gut casts which I use for spare made up leaders iset up inbetween the felt pads .
    then there are two wet and nyph boxes ,and right at the bottom is the big daddy fromwheatley the 32 compartment mthis never leaves the car boot (trunk) as its so big ,used as a stock box .

    adam will dig out the salmon fly clip boxes and show you whats what :D

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    Re: Fly Boxes

    Thats quite an assortment. They look to have been in your possesion for awhile.


    Brk Trt

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