Having read the rules for this new member section, I guess I'll start ...

I've been fly fishing for 2 years now but I've fished for more than 20 years using bait and lures. I love fishing rivers rather than lakes as there's always something happening. Last year I joined a club which has fishing rights to the River Whitewater in Hampshire.

There is some stocking of brown trout (which I don't really agree with) but there's a good head of breeding trout along with a good head of chub and dace. I love fishing for chub and dace on the fly as well as these are truly wild fish and hooking dace on a dry fly is far harder than catching trout on a dry fly :shock:

I currently use a TFO 6' #2 fly rod here but I might upgrade to a 6'6" #3 (possibly a Greys Streamflex or an Echo Carbon) as I feel that I need a little bit more rod length to aid line control. I've got a 7'6" rod which I find too long. Lots of overhanging branches!

I'm hoping that I'll be able to pick up a lot of tips and techniques here to help my fishing.