I didn┤t know where to post this stuff, but I think it would fit in this section as it┤s really a "height" in a fisherman┤s life. It┤s also posted on my own forum, so if Adam or Gus does not find it to be appropriate with a double posting, please feel free to delete.

Here┤s the story of how I fell in love with a place and bought a piece of property without no road to it and how I travelled a considerable distance few times a year in an eight year long period just to build what I┤ve been wanting for a long time; A logged fishing cabin on a river in the high country up north.

I first came to the area in the early eighties with my childhood friend who already had a cabin up there as he wanted to show it to me as well as the nice surroundings. It┤s really a nice place with fishing pretty much all over the place and if you just get off the main road you┤ll be able to hit some good fishing spots that haven┤t seen too much people.