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Thread: Blades

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    Re: Blades

    Yeah... the pink Izula really is HOT. :oops:

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    I'm becoming partial to the tanto style blade. KaBar makes a nice tanto, actually they make a few tanto style blades. I'll think about it for a while, sleep on it but after some careful consideration, the tanto may be the way to go.

    When I am hiking, it will be primarily point a to b, getting there with some stops for fishing prime spots. The overnight will be a minimal campist. I am carrying ultralight gear. Tarp style with a bug screen. A fire will be a great thing for me and I know I can get great service out of the tanto blade vs. Izula. I'm not looking for a hatchet and I know how to make a fire without chopping wood. The Izula is a blade, for cutting but will do service work well. The tanto style blade is, I believe, more servicable, light chopping and such. Because I am ultralight in the woods, the Izula fits more the bill what I want though. I want light and I only want to have a knife, I don't need a skeletool or a light hatchet.

    When I think about it, the Izula fits the bill almost to the t but I really like tanto style blades.

    I think it's a matter of having a knife along for cutting that is light and the Izula does that and is reviewed well.

    Decisions decisions...
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    Re: Blades


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    While the Tanto is a tough blade for chopping and puncturing, it is, at its heart, a blade purpose-built to be a weapon for cutting/stabbing through light armor. For most field use (city use, too), we'd be better served with thin, flat-ground blades made for easy slicing. Early explorers/pioneers/settlers used thin knives that would look a lot like a modern kitchen knife--for skinning and cutting up game, for preparing food, for a backup weapon. For me, the modern answer is one of several Swiss Army knives, but there are other choices.

    If I needed an edged weapon, it might very well be a tanto, but it would be a fixed blade, not a folder, which is too short for a great stabbing/slashing weapon and too stout for the slicing tasks at which folders excel. I've owned a lot of folders of various designs, and flat-ground blades are thinner and slice better without binding in the cut than hollow-ground blades, which are, by necessity and design, thicker than needed for the cutting task--pretty grinds, though. In other words, if a hollow-ground blade isn't getting hung up in the cut, the blade is broader than it needed to be to get the job done--a smaller, lighter tool would have done the same job better.

    For light chopping, a lightweight, cheap, very effective alternative is a short machete. I've watched native workers in Central America do amazing things with short machetes that cost a fraction of most knives we consider minimum quality for field work (most of them carried SAK's for regular pocketknife work, btw).

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    Re: Blades

    I'm still a fan of gerbers good knife and affordable.

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    Like I said, I have knife issues...

    This is what's in my pocket at this moment:

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    Re: Blades

    Today's choice... decided I wanted a fixed blade for the day, so the Mick Strider Custom SLCC went in... This one carries like it's not even there, thus the name Slim Line Concealed Carry...

    Of course, if anyone asks for a knife, I have a Case Canoe (KY Bluegrass Circle C) in the other pocket...

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    Re: Blades

    Basic, but it works.

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    This is my knife. My friend and scrimshaw knife maker Ulf made it for me and I keep it hanging in the fishing vest.

    The Leatherman Supertool is my "toolbox" and itīs always in my belt.

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    Re: Blades

    WOW Mats,That is one beautiful knife. Just stunning! :shock:

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