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    by Published on 04-15-2011 06:28 AM  Number of Views: 1890 

    The Christchurch earthquake has caused havoc with the fishing here so what a pleasant surprise to find a new stream, well not quite new but new to me. Driving round town is a challenge as road closures due to demolitions or work to repair services. New routes have to be found or diversions taken.

    I had planned to fish a river some 50km from town and following a diversion ended on a back road I would not normally take and realised that I had crossed a bridge. Ho ho! I never knew that was here; so turned and parked up close to the bridge for a look see. Peering over the hand rail a beautiful small brook met my astonished gaze. About twelve feet in width the water flowed briskly over a stony bottom from beneath the bridge, met a large bed of elodea weed then slowed to a beautiful pool followed by another riffle which disappeared into a tunnel of brambles and crack willow. This bought instant memories of a distant childhood of a similar southern English brook and fat half pound brown trout. Gum boots and polaroids on it was off to explore.