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    Time Alone - by Ben Smith

    A Saturday morning usually finds me knee deep in one of the few Arizona streams, whose names are guarded like valuable jewels and only spoken of in hushed tones. The Arizona sun hangs high in the sky for most of the day, but the tall ponderosa pines shade the streams and keep their waters running cold all through the summer. Aside from a small box of flies, a tube of Gink, and a pair of hemostats, a bottle of water and peanut butter and jelly sandwich are usually all that fill my pockets on these glorious days. On these small streams, I work systematically across the pool generally only allowing a couple of drifts before moving on to the next pool. Most of these small water fish are opportunistic feeders willing to take the bushy dry and if there are no hits, I assume no fish are present or are already spooked.