• Jax

    by Published on 04-11-2011 04:58 PM  Number of Views: 2397 

    "Drive Past, Itís not worth fishing."

    Ignoring these words of advice, about a stretch of water on a remote Hawkes Bay River was to produce one of those lucky breaks that come your way every once in a while.

    From the road there was nothing one could see to suggest there was anything other than long reaches of featureless Papa bottom throughout the length of water in a steep sided gorge. On foot we found numerous sheep tracks leading down toward the bottom of the gorge and using one of the tracks to reach water level, our first reaction was one of utter surprise and delight.

    The anticipated featureless bottom, had a hidden river bed cut into the Papa with a good flow of water over numerous rock and boulder strewn pools scattered throughout the length of the gorge, with an occasional rapid cascading into a larger deep pool which made the hairs on the back of oneís neck stand up in anticipation.