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  1. heathcote,

    Thank you for your message. As you know, my family and I don't suffer from the earthquake or tsunami directly. I guess you are having harder time than me. I'm glad to hear that the rivers seem to recovering in your area and that you enjoyed some fishing in Fiordland. Ooooh, it must have been great. (I have just searched "Fiordland" on the internet and saw some pictures.)
    On the day of the quake, fairly big tsunami also hit our area, though their is no damage of buildings on land and there is almost no news coverage about it. But many small fishing boats and most of the aquaculture net pens were destroyed, which released numerous tuna fish or red sea bream into ocean from the net pens, and some bays have virtally become large fishing ponds since then. A neighbor of mine went fishing two weeks ago and caught so many red sea bream that he provided them to this neighborhood.

  2. Hi Satoshi,
    Nice to see your new post and to hear that you got to the river just before cherry blossom time, the apricots look good too though.
    Unless you have been through a major earthquake personally there is no real comprehension of what life is like post the event. Here in Christchurch NZ we are putting our lives together after Feb 22, every time you go out more damage meets the eye but today we had good news the water is on and it is drinkable though full of chlorine! Sewerage is still a big problem and pollution in the rivers is bad but we are alive and able to slowely put repairs in place. Last week I was lucky and managed a couple of days in Fiordland to fish, it poured with rain all the time so I only got 3 fish. My son was more lucky as he was hunting and got a 10 point red deer stag so we will not want for meat this winter with some 80lbs of prime venison in the freezer.
    Good luck to you all in Japan and our thoughts are with you,

    Tony Stevens (heathcote)
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