• Winter and Small Streams

    The winter of 2012 has been an opposite of 2011. It's been a kinder and a subtle one. While we were crushed by a nor'easter in October the skies have not let much in the way of snow fall. Along with the lack of snow we have enjoyed a mild winter so far. The days have been above normal, and the night lows not bad at all.
    With such conditions fishing my beloved small streams has been very productive at times. The winter stone fly hatches have had the brook trout looking up and have been surface feeding. Many of the fish seemed to have retained their autumn colors with the tenacity along with them. Warmer stream temps have led to more frequent feeding and the shape of the trout is the proof.
    So with these photos I'll take you with me on a few winter outings. Please enjoy.

    These brook trout have taken caddis dry flies with gusto.

    A winter stream, cold at first but warming nicely as the sun rises.

    A wild jewel in January, still in autums colors.

    With cold water the clarity is unbelievable. Stealth is required.

    With the kinder winter waters nature as kept these post spawned brook trout in good shape.

    There has been times when your able to enjoy a hot lunch streamside without standing in a foot of snow.

    Ice forms on whatever is in contact with water. Winters beauty.

    Brk Trt
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    1. Hortoncreek's Avatar
      Hortoncreek -
      Nice. Makes me want to get out in the next few weeks and give it a shot.
    1. AZWanderings's Avatar
      AZWanderings -
      Those are some beautiful photographs and pretty brookies. Thanks for sharing BrkTrt.

    1. 68guns's Avatar
      68guns -
      Splendid report!