• A Year Of Small Stream Fly Fishing

    Just wanted to share some pics of my small stream fly fishing adventures over the last year.
    All stream pics are from CT, NY, MA & NH.
    Starts with first fish of 2011 & ends with first fish of 2012.
    Wishing everyone a great 2012 on the water.


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    1. BrkTrt's Avatar
      BrkTrt -
      That was quite a year AT.
      I hope this ones better

      Brk Trt
    1. heathcote's Avatar
      heathcote -
      Thank you very much for sharing these great pics. Fancy putting chapter and verse in print to go with them? What a fishing year book that would be.
    1. Brooktrout's Avatar
      Brooktrout -
      beatiful pics. makes me wish for spring.
    1. shuck's Avatar
      shuck -
      Great photos. I especially liked the stream shots. I would find the perfect lie and mentally present my fly.

      What were those flies that you showed? I don't usually use flies with that much hackle. Are these late summer and fall flies? I fish 80% Padams, 10% Stimulators, 5% Elk Hair Caddis, and 5% nynphs. I perhaps need to expand the choices.

    1. Skeet6's Avatar
      Skeet6 -
      Beautifully done photos!! I loved them.
      Mike B