• Just a quick report from a Saturday in August

    Earlier in the year I told GMAC (a fellow flyfisher with a lot more experience than I have) that I would be heading to Colorado later than normal--maybe late enough to meet up and fish a couple of days if he just happened to move his normal time up a bit. Over the years we've both become pretty attached same general area of Colorado that serves almost as a second home. However, we've never met up to fish. Once in a while things work out. In July, GMAC mentioned that while he wasn't heading out to Colorado specifically for fishing, he was really hoping to work in a couple of days of fishing. Sounded good to me so I worked my schedule and we were able to meet up on Sat. Since altitude can be a problem we agreed to take it easy the first day and fish a local small stream that would only require about a 2 mile hike to reach some pretty water. Of course there was still the drive to the trail head.

    I've reported on this stream before. The stream has a number of springs that apparently contribute to the brook trout in this stream averaging out a bit larger than similar streams that I have fished. We arrived a little earlier than usual since GMAC was anxious to get on the water. This was GMAC's first time on this water and I was a bit on the nervous side since I hadn't fished this stream yet, this year. GMAC got things started at the first pool.

    Unfortunately, the pool that usually delivers about 10 or 12 fish turned out to be very uncooperative this morning. I was beginning to have my doubts and started working on my backup plan but no need, after about an hour both of us started catching a number of fish. Turns out we were just a bit too early arriving and we just had to wait for things to warm up. GMAC went upstream where I normally fish and I chose to go downstream where I had not gone before. I thought the canyon would close in on me but I was surprised as I went around the corner I found more and more water--and more and more fish. GMAC probably thought I was holding out on him.

    Meanwhile a couple of other folks showed up so we went even further downstream. I had no idea there was so much fishable stream here. Downstream the pools are bigger and deeper. More importantly we saw fewer and fewer signs of other fisher folks....

    Overall a great day. I imagine most trips with Greg turn out that way. Greg is a skilled flyfisherman and great guy. His stories and knowledge of flies and fly tying really add to the day. On top of that I got to "discover" more new water. Truly a great way to wrap up a great week of fishing.
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