• Annual Colorado Trip 2011

    Annual Colorado Trip 2011

    Back from another glorious trip to Colorado. Fish were caught, rain was enjoyed, camping was great and the eats were beyond comparison.
    A forest in flux, perfect flows from the reservoir, and a reserved campsite awaited my arrival. The dry fly ruled.

    Extended body parachute hackle pmd's were the troots favorite.

    Rainbows abound.

    Little browns galore.

    Big browns galore.

    This brown says didn't I see you last year?




    In a small stream setting off the main channels.

    With the main river at perfect flows.

    I love my griddle.

    Did I mention good eats?

    For breakfast?

    And dinner?


    I love my stove.

    The friday night slide show at the campgrounds was about all the dead trees.
    All of the spruce are dead in the wilderness. This year the death really stands out.

    The trail head.

    Slide show ramada.

    Hopefully the trees in the campground and along the river won't be so easy for the beetles to kill.
    I'll be back again to find out.
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    1. Brooktrout's Avatar
      Brooktrout -
      jeepster-hey, awesome pics! you really caught and photographed some beauties.and i love your stove!yeah, the beetles are really bad in CO. luckily the greater conejos area gets plenty of monsoon rains when other areas are hot and dry, and apparantly that has helped keep them in check there.glad you had a great trip.brooks in nm