• Summer amago fishing

    We are now in the rainy season, which started early June this year. When this short rainy season is over, the true summer comes and trout fishing becomes really difficult around here.

    I went fishing on the last weekend of June, when the rain front happened to move a little bit north, giving us temporarily bright sunny weather.

    It was very hot. I sweated a lot just while gearing up on the streamside road, but the water level was high and the water was cool thanks to the lot of rain during weekdays.

    The color of the sky may seem strange in this picture, because I accidentally set the strange image filter of my camera.

    I had been afraid that the hot weather might put down trout, but the first amago, which readily took my fly, erased my worry.

    Indeed, trout were very active, which is unusual for this season here.

    I had a strike or two in each run segmented by rocks in the stream in this picture.

    Well, I had some unwelcome guests to my fly too. They are beautiful, though. Only if they grew much bigger!

    This fish belongs to the carp family and grows to only 4-5 inches. I like trout best, of course, but if there is large fish of any species that I can catch with flies, I would gladly fish them during summer, when trout fishing is very slow here.

    The largest fish of the day (less than 9 inches though). It seems this amago became smolt but is now returning to parr.

    The place I fished on this day was a very short stretch above a reservoir. At the upper end of the stretch, there is a hydropower plant, which releases cool water from dams that are located far upstream. This makes the stretch a rare place where there is a possibility of catching trout even in the midsummer in this area.

    A couple of weeks before, I fished all day in the rain and caught only one small amago. So, I was very happy about the dayís fishing. But the hot weather told me itís time I went fishing for iwana (char) to the central mountain area, which would be my next report.
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    1. MikeMax's Avatar
      MikeMax -
      Those are some seriously beautiful fish Satoshi - amazing ! Awesome photos
    1. Satoshi's Avatar
      Satoshi -
      Thank you very much for your words, MikeMax. I'm glad you like this post. Satoshi