• Hooks hurt!

    Editor's Note: Warning: Graphic fishing hook and human interaction content!

    Aloha, went ono fishing yesterday. Got two nice ones, 37 and 52lbs. Had a big cuda hit a skirt and I didn't even gaff it, just threw it in the box. My friend wanted to get the skirt back in the water and I went to get the trail hook out of the cuda's mouth. Only using my leather man I tried to avoid the teeth, but when I grabbed the hook the fish jumped and put the first hook in my hand. I tried to push the barb through, but the hook was pretty big. I was afraid I might have nicked the artery by my thumb and decided to just head in and go to the emergency room.

    The doctor got out the bolt cutters and we got the hook out. The eye of the hook flew across the room.

    This is me before my new favorite drug, delodin! It could have been a lot worse, only good place for a dangerous fish is in the box. Now I just need to avoid infection, so no fishing for a while, Mems.
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    1. ofuros's Avatar
      ofuros -
      Now thats a campfire story to tell the grandkids if ever i heard one....cuda...bolt cutters....emergency ward.
      Nice tale Mems, with pictures too. Legendary status.

      Just don't let it get infected.....

    1. adam's Avatar
      adam -
      Legend indeed.
    1. troutrageous1's Avatar
      troutrageous1 -
      Wow. Makes the #18s I get caught in my hand look Smurflike.
      Heal up mems, glad to see you seem to have a sense of humor about it.