• Rainforest Jewel

    The long trip down the warm coastal strip with its acres of swaying sugar cane fields,
    & large wide mud brown waterways were behind me now.
    Eucalyptus scented the cool mountain air.
    Moist morning mist soon dispersed leaving a cloudless, blue sky day.

    Promised myself earlier in the season I would return to this little jem with a 2wt in hand & I did.

    All browns....a bakers dozen came & went...I fished on, enjoying the surrounds & willing mouths.

    My grumbling belly reminded I had skipped breakfast, so I sat down on a moss covered rock, mid stream,
    & ate a belated breakfast.......content.
    A few more pools & runs beckoned....as they always do....then I slowly climbed up through the old stands of rainforest, back out to the car park. A new favourite added to the list.

    After lunch, a quick session on another stream with a much easier access, just 100m from the dirt road.
    Seemingly rainbow only water....slower session, but fruitfull all the same.

    All fished out...until next time
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    1. heathcote's Avatar
      heathcote -
      Looks fantastic, are you in Tassie? Looks like a stream I fished on holiday 3 years ago on the west coast. Nice couple of hours I recall but no sign of a fish.
    1. ofuros's Avatar
      ofuros -
      Looks very similar to Tassie........only its northern New South Wales.
      Cheers, Heathcote.