View Full Version : summer escapes

06-02-2014, 12:01 PM
Aloha, fishing here in hawaii has been wonderful. Lots of ono, mahi and now the ahi have shown up early. Bonefishing has been consistant, then why go somewhere else? You don't leave fish to find fish. But I am heading to san diego tomorrow and then off to baja for roosters and mahi. I am taking my son on a father's day trip. He has been boning up on his spanish, but I told him I only need two phrases, Que Pez Gallo?, and Dos Cervesa por favor. Mexico is the best experience for salt water on the cheap, and the waters are flat. Perfect for my son who gets seasick here in hawaii. On the second week I have a group of crazy fly guys from Oregon who fished with me on Christmas Island last year. there shold be some empty tequilla bottles in mexico.
After that it is off to Montana for some trout fishing. We will be on rock creek and all over the bitteroot drainage. I plan on hitting kellly creek and some other streams in idaho and eastern washington. I will post some pictures when we get back. I hope everyone has a great summer and gets out on the water. Mems.