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05-07-2013, 05:07 PM
This past weekend it was warmer (upper 70’s- to 80 @ our house) in the PNW than it was in many other places on the map. I decided to take advantage of the rare May weather & skip mowing the lawn & other obligations & get out on our local stillwater to catch some stocked trout with the kids. I packed up a few rods and we started off the day trolling some small streamers & right away we got some good tugs.



We noticed that with the sun at our backs, we could see groups of fish. So we shut off the motor & started ‘sight casting’ to pods of trout swimming by which was great fun. My son caught his first trout on a streamer that he saw “follow & swallow.” After almost a dozen fish, the streamers were looking a bit bare.


It actually got warm enough where we parked in some shade to eat some lunch & break out the spin rods, bobber & bait (my youngest loves seeing the bobber dance & go under). We had good action while kick’n back over lunch (about 5-6 mins max between fish) & the kids loved seeing the fish in the clear container before letting them swim off. As an added bonus, we saw a bald eagle (almost picked off a fish we were reeling in), ospreys & tons of baby ducks. Even though I didn’t really fish all that much – it was still pretty darn fun & yes the yard still needs to be mowed..

05-11-2014, 10:14 PM
Very cool, thanks for sharing.