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01-26-2013, 03:05 PM
Running out of Sand

Fly Fishing has been the mainstay in me retaining my sanity and has been the steel in my backbone which has always been my escape mechanism allowing me to put the realities of life to one side to enjoy moments of pure joy. It has also allowed me to enter a world where living in anticipation of the thrill of the moment is paramount.
The trout stream gurgles and chuckles its way onward and tugs at my trouser legs in passing. A gentle reminder that it is the master here and, I as the intruder must adapt to the stream’s whim or the residents of this watery domain may well ignore my attempts to deceive them into partaking of the delicate morsels I will be offering up for their inspection.
Alone in this magical world I feel the cloak of immortality snuggling about my shoulders and the outside world fades into the mists of time. I am fishing “The Dry” on a small backcountry stream all is well and, I am at peace.
BUT! Reality stalks the banks. It is sure to remind me of my mortal frailties once the euphoria of the present task of deceiving the wary trout into playing the game by my rules comes to its invertible end. Reality is ever present. Oh! For a magic wand to be able to change what is to what could be.
But wait! Think back over all those years fate has allowed you to enjoy the fun and happiness of good times and satisfying success. Your cup has at times been filled to overflowing even though there were times it had been either half full or half empty.
Would you if you could change even one thing? Think Back. Your life was a passage through time and even now as time is running out and the sand settles ever lower in the neck of the hour glass? Is it not time to wrap your shoulders in the cloak of contentment and stride into the future with keen anticipation?
Stride on with sure footed tread there are still many streams to be visited with the anticipation that the aquatic residents will be prepared to accept the challenge and play the game. Surely there is still time for further adventures before the last grain of sand falls through the neck of the Hour Glass.
Hope. Ever present gives the traveller reason to continue.

01-27-2013, 09:32 AM
Pondering, I am. Thanks.

02-06-2013, 06:27 AM
A good reminder that our latter ventures should be all the sweeter for the journey.

Or, as someone once said: "Youth is wasted on the wrong people"

Nicely done!