View Full Version : Time to prep for the coming spring

01-11-2012, 02:02 PM
We still haven't had a true winter yet...but I am in spring planning mode right now.
I have been going through the fly boxes and making notes on the flies I have used a lot and those that are gathering dust. I have been on a bit of a simplicity bent the last few years and have whittled down the flies that I use.

My go to patterns:

Wooly Bugger (black, white, olive) (with and without bead)
Green Rock Worm
PT Nymph (with and without bead)
Simple Bead Head Rubber Legged Stone Fly (Aaron Jasper showed me this one)
Fran Betters' Usual (Classic)
Bomber (BRK TRT...thanks)
Griffiths Gnat

Need to work on improving my Ausable Bomber tying skills...picked up that pattern from BRK TRT...it is a dandy